Robots and Racing


Sierra College Robotics is part of the Sierra College Mechatronics Program in Rocklin California. We build systems that involve electronics, mechanics, and computer control.rnrn



Onewheel - The Self-Balancing, Electric SkateboardrnrnInspired by snowboarding on fresh powder and dreams of hoverboarding, Onewheel produces a completely new riding experience.

Electric Mega-Kart


Come drive our Electric Mega-Kart with your iPhone! Download our app, connect your iPhone to our Go-kart via Bluetooth, and start driving. On our app, you can steer, accelerate, and brake the Go-kart. Our Go-Kart can drive up

Rover – A LEGO self-driving car


Rover is an autonomous mobile robot platform, consisting of a LEGO base, a depth sensor, and a laptop on top of the base for image processing, path planning and human robot interaction. This robot won an Intel perceptual computing award and was presented with Intel at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is going to be demonstrated next at CeBIT in Hannover - Europe's most important computer faire.

Motorized La-Z-Boy


Powered by a 36 volt, 55 ampere-hour battery back and a 6 Horsepower permanent magnet AC motor, the motorized La-Z-Boy is the ultimate leisure vehicle. It is capable of speeds up to 20 MPH.rn(Photo copyright Sheila Masson)


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