Civilian Drones: The Legal Landscape


Drones are increasingly popular for recreation and useful purposes like cinematography, search and rescue, real estate photos, farming, and lots more. These uses have raised questions about the legal framework. Brendan Schulman, the attorney who is defending Raphael Pirker, Texas EquuSearch and others in the FAA drone cases, will present an overview and update on the current legal situation and what drone enthusiasts might expect in the future.

Power Racing Series


Start with $500 and a Power Wheel or any electric kids' ride on vehicle. Get some new batteries, new motor. Heck, some nice new tires, tie LEDs to the hood, sprinkle it with glitter, maybe a feather for class. Now race it!

EcoReco Corporation


EcoReco Corp. is dedicated to provide eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms in urban transportation. We put our efforts to innovate and to develop practical and affordable technologies in order to achieve the goal, because we know only the combination of the right product and the right business model can create sustainable impacts.

Exhibit, founded in 1999, is an authorized e-commerce distributor of electronic components featuring over one million part numbers for purchase exclusively over the Internet. The site features over 350,000 in-stock part numbers from a selection of more than 250 premier brands. offers a one stop shop offering customers a broad product offering spanning active, passive, interconnect, and electromechanical. Users can search this vast inventory of product by part number, keyword, product category, or manufacture. The site offers users tools and information to aid in the buying decision featuring over 250,000 data sheets and product images.

Reapproach personal transportation for short distances


Current transportation options for short distance travel within 5 miles range all have their shortcomings, whether they are energy inefficient, polluting, time consuming, or physically exhausting. We at EcoReco would like to demonstrate our take to solve this last miles issue. nEcoReco M3 is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle in the form of a kick scooter, designed for everyday urban use of an adult. It has performance one desires, and it is still compact, lightweight, safe, and easy to use. nIt provides a convenient and economic ride for everyone, and cleaner air for all.



Chip Yates is an internationally recognized speaker, television personality, and electric vehicle pioneer with 18 world records in battery-powered vehicles of his own design. He recently gave a sold-out TED Talk in Bermuda entitled "Risk is the Currency of Innovation" chronicling how he survived 5 emergency landings in the process of becoming the first human in history to break the 200 MPH barrier in an electric airplane. He is unique in the world in that he has designed, built and then piloted his own world record setting vehicles at speeds in excess of 200 MPH and then used his experiences to inspire audiences to embrace risk, innovation and the movement to build amazing things by hand.rnrnYates started out as a machinist and toy inventor before changing gears at age 39 to become a professional motorcycle racer in the World Superbike Championship. After a big crash ended his racing season, Yates and two volunteer engineers designed and built the world's fastest and most powerful electric motorcycle, which he rode at speeds over 200mph to Eight Official World Landspeed Records, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb World Record and the Guinness Book of World Recordsu2122 title for "The World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle". Yates and his team made history by entering the electric motorcycle in two all-gas superbike races, beating the gas bikes to two podium finishes. After being featured on the cover of Popular Science Magazine, the electric motorcycle was donated to the Los Angeles Petersen Automotive Museum in support of their youth education programs.rnrnChip had always dreamed of flying, so he and his fabricator next designed and built "The world's most powerful electric aircraft" with a 258 HP brushless DC motor. After a two month build time and just days after receiving his pilot's license, Yates set the world record for the "World's Fastest Electric Airplane" in the skies over China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, California at a top speed of 202.6 MPH in a flight that ended with an emergency landing. The airplane has since set 8 world records with performances that beat gasoline powered airplanes made by the world's top manufacturers. As part of these records, Yates survived 3 emergency deadstick landings, upped his top speed to 220.9 MPH, and demonstrated a sustained climb rate of 2,000 feet per minute, which was awarded the "Most Memorable Aviation Record of 2013" by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA).rnrnYates holds a Master's Degree from the University of Southern California where in 2014 he was nominated for their "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. He is a prolific inventor with more than 9 patents including 3 on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and 3 so far on advanced electric vehicles with more pending. He was selected to be an adjunct entrepreneurship instructor at USC, and is a frequent keynote and motivational speaker with a passion for delivering dynamic STEM presentations to kids through his "Rockstar of Science" National STEM tour launched in 2014. In 2013, Yates was named the first ever National Spokesman for the Conrad Foundation's Spirit of Innovation Challenge.rnrnChip has been named a "Pioneer of Aviation" by the State of California, "World's Most Wired" by Wired Magazine, and an "Electric Airplane Pioneer" by the Discovery Channel, where he has both hosted and been featured numerous times.


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