Ben Katz’ Electric Tricycle


At Maker Faire I made a point to check out the electric scooters created by MIT students and instructors in the school’s MITers hackerspace.

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One of the scooters that particularly caught my eye was Ben Katz’ sweet scooter whose design is inspired by the Radio Flyer trike. Ben designed the tricycle around a brushless Turnigy motor, visualized the trike in Sketchup, welded, and machined the frame, and added a 40v LiFePO4 battery, motor controller, and gearbox. It can theoretically reach a top speed of over 45 MPH!

Ben’s blog Build-Its has tons of information on the project if you’d care to tackle your own.

Vehicular Hacking, From Art Cars to JEEPuters

While DIY automotive projects are nothing new, the options for modifying your vehicle are becoming increasingly diverse and accessible. From Backyard Biodiesel production and vegetable-oil-powered motorcycles to solar panel augmented chassis and homemade RFID keyless entry, as the Owner’s Manifesto states, “If you can’t open it, you don’t own it,” and this should apply to your manufactured automobile as much as any commercial object. Continue reading for a few examples of vehicular hacking, from art cars to an Arduino-controlled Jeep!

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