Makers @ MIT: Admitting & Empowering Technically Creative Students


The Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT) has a long legacy of admitting and supporting students with significant technical creativity.
Join Chris Peterson, Assistant Director for Talented Outreach to Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Academic Superstars at MIT's Office of Admissions, as he describes the MIT Admissions Maker Portfolio, as well as the elements of the Institute which empower makers once they arrive on campus.



This is 1:10 robot-car which was made to take part in championships of robots like Formula 1. Robot has functions such as avoiding of obstacles, detecting colors and faces of people, following the heading of compass, GPS.

Practical Advice for Bringing Making to School


Parents of makers know that when their children are programming, building robots, and inventing, they are learning. Yet at school, learning becomes serious and sometimes boring. Why can't learning at school be like the vibrant, joyful learning we see at Maker Faire, and in homes of makers all around the world?nnIn the spirit of Maker Faire and global making, we will share practical advice for parents of makers, educators, and makers themselves who want to re-make schools into places where children love to learn once again
In true Maker fashion, everyone has a part to play in this revolution!

The Spacetime Explorer


People learn better with their hands. The Spacetime Explorer is an interactive museum exhibit that teaches users about concepts in astrophysics in an engaging, immersive and tactile experience. rnrnrnrn

Wikipedia Pavilion


A hackerspace of ideas for the ''free encyclopedia anyone can edit'', with skill share for Wikipedia and free knowledge, edit-a-thon for undercovered topics, and multimedia corner for photos, video and audio by participants.


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