Flite Test


At Flite Test we are all about making crazy things fly. We want to make high levels of flight technology approachable, accessible and affordable to the masses.

Doing Good With Drones and UAVs


Executive Editor of Make: magazine Mike Senese will survey the various practical and beneficial ways consumer drones are being employed today: tracking endangered species, searching for missing persons, disaster area mapping and surveying, and more.

Civilian Drones: The Legal Landscape


Drones are increasingly popular for recreation and useful purposes like cinematography, search and rescue, real estate photos, farming, and lots more. These uses have raised questions about the legal framework. Brendan Schulman, the attorney who is defending Raphael Pirker, Texas EquuSearch and others in the FAA drone cases, will present an overview and update on the current legal situation and what drone enthusiasts might expect in the future.

Homegrown Racing Drones


DroneKraft is a new company based in NYC. They will discuss the craft of miniFPV, pod-racing and how it's about to take the world by storm. DroneKraft will also discuss how they produced their new model, the Mach300 (due for release this fall) and what went into design and production.

Ask the GPS expert


Ask the GPS (and GNSS) Trimble experts questions about the Global Positioning System and the Global Navigation Satellite System. L1/L2/L5 GPS, L1/L2 GLONASS, E1/E5 Galileo... How all these can be useful for your project.

OpenROV – Underwater Robots!


OpenROV is a open-source underwater robot. But it's so much more. It's also a community of people who are working together to create more accessible, affordable, and awesome tools for underwater exploration.

Unmanned Aerial Systems with Humanitarian Purpose


Unmanned systems are a burgeoning technology with numerous humanitarian applications. At Maker Faire, I will demonstrate the use of small unmanned aerial systems in search and rescue and precision agriculture.

So You Want To Make A Drone?


For two years, the Manufacturing Systems Classes at Madison Area Technical College (Madison, Wisconsin) designed, built, and flew a variety of multi-rotor vehicles to learn about this emerging technology and to assess the technology for potential application. The class projects were sponsored by the Madison Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers with additional support from local companies interested in the technology. Building drones can be a lot of fun and definitely educational. The talk will discuss how to make a drone, building on successful Open Source projects, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.


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