Punk Rock and the Origins of the Maker Movement


Everything you see today in the maker movement of the web basically had its origins in the Zine culture of the '80s punk rock movement. Creating your own labels was entrepreneurship of that day — through democratization and technology came the idea of the long tail of music. The idea was that you didn't have to adhere to the mass production model of the traditional entertainment industry. You could go your own way. That was all part of the punk scene. That's where I grew up, and I've basically been following that model ever since.



Wood trecopter made from home depout materials. ..

The Future is Already Here


SciFi thriller writer Daniel Suarez (Daemon, Freedom TM) takes the maker movement to its edges. DIY tech like 3D printing and drones become main characters, and the power of the maker is cast in alternately utopian and dystopian light. Join publisher Tim O'Reilly in probing for Suarez's more recent insights into the near (and present) future.