To dazzle and delight the kids we have created a customizable arduino powered labyrinth. The course can be changed to be as challenging as you can dream and create! Stretch your mind in maze theory and design.

e-NABLE – using 3D printing to give the World a ”Helping Hand.”


Since its creation, E-nable has sought to improve the design of the Robohand prototype, creating solutions for problems with the current designs and enabling people to create them on their own with guidance from the group. We seek to come up with designs that cut costs as much as possible so that more people will have access to these devices. The Makerfaire is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and potential collaborators to continue to develop these life-changing devices that empower people in need and their families.



This is 1:10 robot-car which was made to take part in championships of robots like Formula 1. Robot has functions such as avoiding of obstacles, detecting colors and faces of people, following the heading of compass, GPS.

Ask the GPS expert


Ask the GPS (and GNSS) Trimble experts questions about the Global Positioning System and the Global Navigation Satellite System. L1/L2/L5 GPS, L1/L2 GLONASS, E1/E5 Galileo... How all these can be useful for your project.

Survival Gear


Make your own customized Survival Gear bracelets, lanyards, keyfobs Dog gear, in your choice of color combinations and styles from 550 Paracord. Carry yards of cord to be deployed in case of Emergency.



We collect and Felt wool sweaters to Upcycle creating all kinds of custom designed fun & practical products from Wearable Art, & customized heirloom patchwork blankets to Giant Potholder Rugs. Fun kits for parties & groups!

Ototo – Make Music from Anything


Ototo is an all-in-one musical invention kit which allows you to make an instrument any way you want. It's a synthesiser with 12 onboard touch sensitive inputs and a range of different add on sensors to make interactive sound


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