10 Wifi Projects with Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi loves Wifi. Using it to scan wifi traffic is fun and educational. With a few off the shelf components the possibilities, and projects, are endless
This presentation will cover mobile and in-home projects including:nn* Record and analyze wifi trafficn* Identify nearby access points and clientsn* Listen for rogue access points and scannersn* Use a spectrum analyzer to watch wifi signalsn

How to crowdfund your hardware project?


In November 2013, we at Integreight launched a 30-days crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, to raise $10,000 for our product 1Sheeld, a new Arduino shield that allows you to use your smartphone as a re-configurable shield, we ended up getting $85,000
There a lot of homework before the campaign, a lot of do's and don'ts while executing your campaign, and a lot to follow up on after the campaign
When crowd-funding a maker's product there are a lot of things to take in consideration, how to present your idea, how to shoot a video, design your rewards level, design your campaign page and gain the backers' trust.

How to Build a Portal Turret (Without Expensive Equipment)


I am building a fully-functional turret from the video game ''Portal 2'' and plan to complete it by April 1st. In my presentation, I will demonstrate the turret's capabilities, including motion detection and tracking, shooting Nerf darts, and retractable side panels. I will also talk about the building process and show photos and video. I will show that anyone can make things, even without a ''real'' workshop. I use commonly available tools like a screwdriver and drill, and a soldering iron to assemble the electronics, which are programmed with the free Arduino compiler.

Rover – A LEGO self-driving car


Rover is an autonomous mobile robot platform, consisting of a LEGO base, a depth sensor, and a laptop on top of the base for image processing, path planning and human robot interaction. This robot won an Intel perceptual computing award and was presented with Intel at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is going to be demonstrated next at CeBIT in Hannover - Europe's most important computer faire.

DIY Sriracha


In this presentation, I will demonstrate the process behind making homemade fermented Sriracha hot sauce, covering the basic science behind lacto-fermentation in addition to the the step-by-steps of the recipe. I'll potentially include a hands-on component to the presentation, so guests will be able to take home a jar of peppers to turn into hot sauce once they have been fermented.

Best Practices for Open Source Hardware in 2014


In the past year OSHWA, the Open Source Hardware Association, has worked with the community to develop a modern list of best practices for designing, releasing and building upon existing open source hardware projects. Windell Oskay, Vice President of OSHWA, will discuss recommended approaches, touching upon open source design tools, documentation, hosting, licenses, and other current issues. Time permitting, we will also take questions from the audience.

44 Daughters


The 44 Daughters (and Sons) suggest what is is like to be a family of girls (and boys) who are all different. They show the world that we are all the same, but also our own selves, and we should be accepted for who we are. This year, you can Make-Your-Own-Dolls. Come by my exhibit to learn how!