Homegrown Racing Drones


We'll go through on how we started from scratch watching Youtube clips on DIY drones, using 3-D printed parts from our Makerbot, to sourcing parts from Alibaba...all the way to finally racing our self-built mini-FPV quadcopters with each other. Think Star Wars Pod Racing but with FPV drones!n

Connected Exploration: Makers are the New Explorers of the Universe!


Over the past few years, the Maker Movement has created a whole suite of low-cost exploration tools (drones, ROVs, satellites, sensors) that rival the expensive, commercial counterparts. Along with trends in citizen science, this is reshaping the process of science and discovery, especially in fields that can benefit from large, public participation. It's more than just garage tinkering - makers are taking their tools into the natural and physical world. It's curiosity gone wild!

Complete Beginner’s Intro to Electronics Prototyping


Suitable for ages 7+. No electronic skills required. No soldering involved. Hand out to each participant (limit ~100) packs containing instructions & parts (solderless breadboard, batteries, and some electronic parts). I will perform step-by-step live demo, building a simple but flexible electronic circuit (LED flasher). If time allows,do a few mods to show its flexibility: n* Mod #1: replace LED with orange, yellow, or green LED.n* Mod #2: white LED - using 4 batteries.n* Mod #3: metronome -- add speakern* Mod #4: audio oscillator (Voltage/current/resistance/light to frequency converter)n* and many more!

Colour Provenance


Different colours, shades and tints have the power to evoke mood and emotion, but it seems that the origins and journeys of these pigments are often forgotten. Today, colour is a commodity industrially produced.

Serious Robots on a Budget


This presentation will outline how to create robots with a purpose for less then you'd ever imagine. Cost cutting strategies such as repurposing common materials, using parts from old, broken or discarded appliances, and online bargain resources will be discussed. Examples of actual, functional ''budget'' parts, such as linear slides, will be revealed. Presentation by Ben Hylak (White House Science Fair 2012, invited by both Make and Broadcom, Disney Peer Mentor 2014, and 5-time blue ribbon winner at NYC Maker Fair 2011).



To dazzle and delight the kids we have created a customizable arduino powered labyrinth. The course can be changed to be as challenging as you can dream and create! Stretch your mind in maze theory and design.


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