Help Crowdfund an Heirloom Chemistry Set


John Farrell Kuhns got a chemistry set in Christmas of 1959 and it laid the foundation for a career as a research chemist. As an adult he wanted his daughter and nieces and nephews to have the same experience, but came to realize that the beautiful Gilbert Chemistry Set of his youth no longer exists. He and his wife opened their own science store, the H.M.S. Beagle. Building on nine years of operating the Beagle, Kuhns developed a chemistry set that recalls those glory days. He’s crowdfunding the set through Kickstarter with a $175 set offering all 56 chemicals found in the 1936 Gilbert set as well as 8 other chemicals he feels are important. The $225 level also includes glassware, while the $900 level also includes a heirloom-quality wooden box that you can see in the photo.

Eight Hacks from Breaking Bad

Spoiler alert and warning: we know that in this fictional TV series, many of these hacks were used to hurt or kill people; we trust makers to use their powers for good.

That being said, Breaking Bad has featured some ingenious hacks in its five seasons. Here are eight that were particularly memorable. Please scroll through the video slideshow to see the best moments.

What IF…Festival of Innovation and Imagination

Colorado Springs What IF... Festival

Colorado Springs What IF… Festival

Only three days left until the What IF… Festival in Colorado Springs!  Yes, my family and I have been counting down all summer, and finally we are in the home stretch.  Hopefully this post will reach makers in the Colorado Springs area that may, for some reason, not yet know about this special event.  Even if you are a little farther away and can make a day trip—do it, you will be glad you did.

Saturday, Sept. 7 at 10am is when the fun begins. There will be something there for everybody, and it is FREE!  With over 100 interactive experiences, the hardest part will be trying to narrow down which ones to visit.  We have set our sites on the 3D Printers, Slingshot Water Balloon Catapult, Artful Robotic Contraptions, Tesla MagicTinker Station, Clayfest, and Giant Bubble, exhibits, just to name a few.  I can almost hear the joyful squeal from my 2 year old as he tries to make a giant bubble.

Local non-profit, Cool Science, will have a Ping Pong Particle Physics exhibit, which is also a must see for us, and will surely have my older kids saying, “Sic!”.   I could go on and on about all there is to look forward to at the festival, but really every one should experience this first hand.

Just a taste of festival fun

Just a taste of festival fun

For music lovers, or music makers you will not be disappointed.  There will be live music, on four stages, all day long.  You may also want to checkout the Indy Music Awards on Thursday night, and the First Friday Downtown Concert, Friday night for some pre-festival entertainment.

If you are looking for a little exercise, don’t miss the Fun Costume Run.  Or just watch the run to see the many hysterical costumes that will surely provide entertainment of their own.

What IF...

What IF…