Public Lab: Open Source Tools for Grassroots Science


This panel will focus on the work of Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab), an open-source hardware and software research and development community. It is a community of educators, technologists, scientists and community organizers interested in new ways to promote action, intervention and awareness through a participatory research model. Public Lab staff will discuss how the community got started, what the community is, and how members are making and using Do-It-Yourself research tools and organizers will discuss local projects they are working on with Public Lab tools.



Technology is not just computers! Natural materials like stones, bugs, wasp nests, clay, and flowers have been used from ancient times to today for paint, food, makeup, and textiles. Learn about pigments, history and art. Tur

Keep-it Fizzy Bottle


I will design and create a bottle which will dispense the carbonated liquid into another container (cups/bottles) while keeping the CO2 from escaping the liquid to prevent it from becoming flat.

Show & Tell in a Ponga Picture


Ponga rediscovers the art of Show & Tell! You put love into everything you make, now you can share what you love about your Maker project with the world. Show Ponga what you've made and together we'll tell the world.


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