Tintype Photography from 1851


Tintype Photography from 1851. The first inexpensive art form to capture an image, was the ''Tintype'' photograph. The average person could afford to have their photograph taken ( $.25 - $1.00) and mailed to a loved one.

ROCKO’S Ice Cream Tacos


Ice cream tacos made fresh, from only the best ingredients. You choose your ice cream flavor and chocolate dip, we flash freeze it. Treat yourself Local. Treat yourself Organic. Treat yourself ROCKO'S.

DIY Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, and Cream Cheese – a simple DIY science project for the whole family


Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, and Cream Cheese are food products found in every home, but did you know that you can make your own with just a few simple ingredients using cookware around the house? A healthy DIY edible science project for the whole family. I will show you how to take simple ingredients and use cookware already in your house to create the three staples which are not only delicious but healthy and organic. By creating these food products yourself, you will reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing the food right in your kitchen and save money at the same time. This is one science project which is fun and easy....Enjoy!

Purina ONE


Visitors to the Purina ONE booth at Maker Faire will have the opportunity to create and invent their own do-it-yourself (DIY) puzzle feeder projects to help enrich the feeding experiences of their cats; gather inspiration from the DIY wall u2013 a gallery of projects created from Purina ONE's cat community; and interact with a fun and shareable area at the booth. What you feed your cat is just as important as HOW you feed your cat. Cats are designed to hunt for their food, and while domestic cats have it much easier they still benefit from the stimulation that comes from the hunt. Incorporating a puzzle feeder in addition to a bowl encourages your cat to work for her food, stimulating her mind and body and helping her live her True Nature.

Public Lab: Open Source Tools for Grassroots Science


This panel will focus on the work of Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab), an open-source hardware and software research and development community. It is a community of educators, technologists, scientists and community organizers interested in new ways to promote action, intervention and awareness through a participatory research model. Public Lab staff will discuss how the community got started, what the community is, and how members are making and using Do-It-Yourself research tools and organizers will discuss local projects they are working on with Public Lab tools.



Technology is not just computers! Natural materials like stones, bugs, wasp nests, clay, and flowers have been used from ancient times to today for paint, food, makeup, and textiles. Learn about pigments, history and art. Tur


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