Powered by PepsiCo, BEVLAB at Maker Faire is a pop-up lab that mixes hands-on experimentation with moderated discussions, and a sampling station. It is designed to spark discussion around the future of beverages and give makers of all kinds a hands-on opportunity to experience the future of beverage creation.
Participants will experience the lab in groups starting with a short moderated discussion (BEVFORUM) around the future of beverages. After the discussion, the group will be randomly assigned to one of four experiments in which they will receive instruction and be allowed to make their own future beverage concept.

Public Lab: Collaborative Making for a Better World


Public Lab functions as a learning, living network of people who collaborate to make environmental research accessible and affordable. Hardware, software, datasets and environmental victories emerge from our social infrastructure for public research. We work online to build a global knowledge base for environmental investigation fueled by place-specific research conducted offline by local chapters. No finite amount of people could tackle a project this big--open source collaboration provides a way of working and making that enables everyone to grow their own capacity to act.nThis presentation will be given by a Public Lab Director.

Alchemical Tech


Technology is not just computers! Natural materials like stones, bugs, wasp nests, clay, and flowers have been used from ancient times to today for paint, food, makeup, and textiles. Turn stones, bugs and flowers into paint!



MadeSolid is a startup which focuses on the development of advanced materials for 3D printers. We have researched and develop a variety of materials for both UV laser printers and FFF style. We will be live printing with the material and have prints ready for you to touch!



Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process services is proud to sponsor the Young Makers Tent as part of its Making the Future education initiative which seeks to inspire young learners in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and the arts by providing fun hands-on learning opportunities. Young Makers and their instructors from Cognizant's Making the Future Afterschool and Summer programs from across the U.S. will be conducting workshops for children attending the Faire, demonstrating how children can

Making Pearl Sugar


Pearl sugar is a unique confectionery ingredient. It is simply small, crunchy bits of sugar that can be used in any number of baked goods. We will show you how to make pearl sugar with items that you already have in your kitchen!

Sweet Treats to eat


Continuing my Nana's tradition of using only local and best quality ingredients, modern recipes meet classical techniques in my kitchen. I feel Nana's love when I bake, love I gladly share with you.

danceroom Spectroscopy: Navigating the Nanoworld


dS is a unique project that's part video game, part art installation, part musical instrument, and part immersive science visualization. It brings together scientists and artists who are motivated by a desire to reveal and interpret our connection to the beautiful and subtle microscopic world. And it gives audience members the opportunity to see their own energy field, and use it to dance, sculpt, and play with a simulation of the otherwise invisible atomic world. It is used in public art galleries, schools, and festivals to make serious science seriously fun!


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