Reapproach personal transportation for short distances


Current transportation options for short distance travel within 5 miles range all have their shortcomings, whether they are energy inefficient, polluting, time consuming, or physically exhausting. We at EcoReco would like to demonstrate our take to solve this last miles issue. nEcoReco M3 is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle in the form of a kick scooter, designed for everyday urban use of an adult. It has performance one desires, and it is still compact, lightweight, safe, and easy to use. nIt provides a convenient and economic ride for everyone, and cleaner air for all.

Success and failure, two sides of the same coin


Technology is speeding up, and makers of today already have little in common with the makers of yesterday. But one thing unites us: our passion for the new, for the untried
It is our biggest strength, as well as our most dangerous weakness. You work for months on that stunning project, and realize too late that no one really cares. Or maybe just mom
At the speed the world is going, you need to realize quickly if you are headed the right way, and build your product even faster
At BotFactory we decided to tackle part of that problem by building a rapid electronic circuit prototyper. Let me share a few tips I learned along the way.

Learning by Discovery


My book Make: Electronics encouraged readers to learn through hands-on projects that were fun and innovative. My new book, Make: More Electronics, extends this journey. It includes unique experiments with op-amps, comparators, logic chips, and sensors. The projects are entirely original and unlike those that you will find in most electronics-hobby books.



Onewheel - The Self-Balancing, Electric SkateboardrnrnInspired by snowboarding on fresh powder and dreams of hoverboarding, Onewheel produces a completely new riding experience.

Programming Arduino from Your Browser


There's an option for programming Arduino that requires less set up and promotes collaboration. We'll look at using the codebender web system to program a beginner board. This system allows for easy sharing of code and has allowed us to move our book to the internet in an engaging way. Share, edit and upload your sketches from one system. Using codebender with the Arno board makes it easy to get students started with Arduino

e-Health Hacks, Sensors, and Saving Lives


Using sensors and e-Health sensor platform (from Cooking Hacks, Libelium's DIY division), inventor Michael Script created a sophisticated device that will prevent millions of babies from dying of infant pneumonia by accurately measuring breath rate. The sensor platform allows for the integration of multiple biometric tests (breath rate, body position, etc.) and Script found he could link body position, heart rate, and a breath monitor to derive an accurate breath rate. At $15-$20/unit, the game-changing INSPIRE devices are accessible, and have the potential to save millions of young lives. This is innovation and problem solving at its finest.