Hacking Your Brain, a primer


You can hack the brain to do new tricks if you know the places where old school mysticism like ''school'' and hypnosis and psychoanalysis and astrology and pavlovian training meet NEUROSCIENCE. Rubber band, magnet, tape, candy, coffee, vitamins and a few exercises can change your brain. We'll show you how.

Build your own sensor-enabled wearable in minutes. We will take you into the adventures of ultra-low power and tiny sensors – the basis for your own fitness tracker and even more!


In this presentation we will dig into the foundations: ultra-low power design based on Arduino*, future power sources like energy harvesting, and simplified wireless communication to your favored smartphone based on Bluetooth* SMART aka BLE. Projects like fitness tracker, plant monitoring and most of your fantastic ideas are made possible within minutes. The reference design includes a motion coprocessor and sensors for barometric / humidity - all powered by a few uA (micro!). The SD*card sized PCB will be available under OHW.

SpaceGAMBIT – Hackerspace Space Program


SpaceGAMBIT is a 2 year $500k US Govt (DARPA) grant funded project to get makers involved in Space education, research and development. We will present summary of the projects funded in first year and talk about our 2nd year projects. n The first of our year 2 endeavors is a ''Portable Workstation Contest'' with Instructables.com which will be concluding about the time of the Bay Area Maker Faire.

The New Flesh Workshop: DIY Super-Humans


The New Flesh Workshop has spent the last 5 years adapting prosthetic fabrication techniques and developing new processes for creating high strength composite armor systems, custom prosthetic modifications for extreme lifestyles . We will present several of our custom ballistic composite materials as well as demonstrate our new armor system. We will also have a slide presentation of several of our custom prosthetic and orthotic devices.

DNA Makers


We are a family that enjoy making DNA models and crafts that are educational, artistic and fun to play for children as well as for adults. The models are built using LEGO pieces, paper, PVC pipes, knitting materials and LED

MindRider and the Maker’s Brain


MindRider is a brain-reading bike helmet developed at the MIT Media Lab that converts a cyclist's EEG levels into an LED display. It also geo-locates the EEG data so that cyclists can review their "Experience Maps" later. For Maker Faire, Catherine Cramer and Stephen Uzzo of the NY Hall of Science will place MindRiders on various Makers throughout the Faire to study the "Maker's Brain." We'll show and discuss our findings during the presentation.