The LabFab is a french FabLab based in Britanny. We are developing a large variety of projects with our community from the bionic hand to the art installation (and some rabbit elevators to !)



"Eunoia" is an interactive experiment that uses EEG headset (brainwave sensor) to create a real-time audiovisual representation of a performer's brain activities with neurofeedback method.

Build Your Own Biorobotic Remote-Control Venus Flytrap


In this talk we'll explore our project from v. 39 and the intersection of biology and robotics — by creating a demonstrating a remote-controlled Venus flytrap that can close its leaf on our command!nnWe'll:nn * Explain the project background, present state of biorobotics and future implicationsnn * Show how to make your own biorobotnn * Demonstrate a venus-flytrap closing on command!

Effect of music on human brain waves


To determine the effects of silent environment and different kinds of music (classical and pop) on the human focus and concentration.Considering time, accuracy and levels of alpha and beta waves to derive the final conclusion



The BioMONSTAAR bioreactor is an open source, arduino controlled, automated photobioreactor (PBR) array with potential future applications in aquaculture, genetic engineering, bioremediation, and space research.

Hacking Your Brain, a Primer


You can hack the brain to do new tricks if you know the places where old school mysticism like ''school'' and hypnosis and psychoanalysis and astrology and pavlovian training meet NEUROSCIENCE. Rubber band, magnet, tape, candy, coffee, vitamins and a few exercises can change your brain. We'll show you how.

Build Your Own Sensor-Enabled Wearable in Minutes


In this presentation we will dig into the foundations: ultra-low power design based on Arduino*, future power sources like energy harvesting, and simplified wireless communication to your favored smartphone based on Bluetooth* SMART aka BLE. Projects like fitness tracker, plant monitoring and most of your fantastic ideas are made possible within minutes. The reference design includes a motion coprocessor and sensors for barometric / humidity - all powered by a few uA (micro!). The SD*card sized PCB will be available under OHW.

SpaceGAMBIT – Hackerspace Space Program


SpaceGAMBIT is a 2 year $500k US Govt (DARPA) grant funded project to get makers involved in Space education, research and development. We will present summary of the projects funded in first year and talk about our 2nd year projects. n The first of our year 2 endeavors is a ''Portable Workstation Contest'' with which will be concluding about the time of the Bay Area Maker Faire.


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