Bio-Sensing: The Y in DIY


Bio-sensing is in the midst of a revolution that will change nearly every aspect of our lives from health to education to retail experience. Measuring more than just basic vital signs, state-of-the-art algorithms are making it possible to identify up to 8 or more distinct emotional states and beginning to open the door for greater understanding of ourselves and each other. With more and more bio-sensors becoming available and hackable, the opportunity for the DIY community is great. Come to this talk to learn how you can participate in the bio-sensing revolution and change the way you look at yourself and the people around you.

DNA Makers


We are a family that enjoy making DNA models and crafts that are educational, artistic and fun to play for children as well as for adults. The models are built using LEGO pieces, paper, PVC pipes, knitting materials and LED

Scent Rhythm


This timekeeping device keeps a watch on your circadian rhythm by atomizing fragrance+supplement chemical concoctions that promote the production of particular neurotransmitters that induce awaken/production/relaxation/sleep.



EngageSense shows the future potential of biosensing in classroom settings, demonstrating how sensing biometrics with standard webcams can give teachers additional tools to tailor lesson plans and improve student engagement.



The BioBus is a high-tech science lab on wheels powered by renewable energy! Come see how solar panels, a wind turbine and waste vegetable oil can power an incredible hands-on science experience.

Internal Medication Dispenser


Delivering medication directly its destination is much more efficient and requires smaller dosages than pills. I am making a device that does this with as little risk as possible, and making it simple to live with.