Soil is Life. Tillage is Death. The Awesome Future of Agriculture!


Using a tenth of the water, employing more people per acre at higher wages and year round, building back soil at un-heard of high rates, and revitalizing a healthy ecosystem, Singing Frogs Farm has also increased their productivity to over 10 times the state average for equivalent vegetable farms. Discover the science and relationships behind no-till agriculture, climate change, community resiliency and your personal health!

Hacking Your Brain, a Primer


You can hack the brain to do new tricks if you know the places where old school mysticism like ''school'' and hypnosis and psychoanalysis and astrology and pavlovian training meet NEUROSCIENCE. Rubber band, magnet, tape, candy, coffee, vitamins and a few exercises can change your brain. We'll show you how.

Serious Science with Open Source Tools


The Maker movement has created a new set of tools that can be used to do serious science. I will discuss how Arduino microcontrollers and the R statistical language can be used to do science like the pros. Arduino boards can be interfaced with sensors and memory devices to measure and record environmental data. The data can help us to understand our environment and address questions about environmental change. The R statistical language can be used to visual data, summarize it, and test hypotheses. I will use examples from my own work in environmental science to show how these incredible tools put serious science within reach of Makers.

How Does Nature Make It?


Last fall MAKE and the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute kicked off a blog series exploring biology and what makers can learn from nature. This presentation will expand on that theme, highlighting the exciting synergies and opportunities that occur where the maker movement and biomimicry meet.

Nerds For Nature


Nerds For Nature brings technologists, environmental specialists, students, and citizen scientists together to build awesome tools that help us understand and revive the natural world. See how you can help!nn


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