Preview SUBMERGE! NYC's Marine Science Festival, and learn about local waters through marine-inspired makers! Build and race plankton, steam-powered boats, and underwater robotic vehicles with Hudson River Park and OpenROV!

How to Make the Biggest Family Tree Ever


We're in the midst of a revolution in family history. Thanks to the Internet and DNA, we can now make family trees with MILLIONS of people. This is the ultimate social network. My tree has 78 million people on it, including everyone from Abe Lincoln to Gwyneth Paltrow. With all these relatives, I will be holding the Global Family Reunion in June of 2015 right here at the NYSCI.

Invitation to Innovation: Making Molecules and Minds


Biology teachers and students have struggled to express the inner workings of the cell with more than words. If only there was a model for that!! For my students have taught me that hands-on activities are more effective when the manipulatives are designed with rigor in mind u2013 "minds on" to maximize learning, understanding and retention. I will model the maker approach to teaching challenging concepts in biology, and inspire learners to use current models or make their own, using 3D kits/3D printed models to demonstrate the cool yet mysterious processes of life as well as show off students' maker model projects.

Computer Music Embodiment and Interactive Sound Design


The presentation will be focused on discussing the possibilities available on the market and techniques that allow the use of BioFeedback sensors to compose, perform and interact with music. Adriano's talk will focus on the importance of Kinesthetic for the development of Performance arts and will analyze his collection of work including the use of: Kinect, Leapmotion, iOS, accelerometers and several other ways to control and interact with the computer in the music making process. The presentation will analyze the Interactive Sound Design approach of Adriano Clemente



The BioBus is a solar-powered science lab housed in an up-cycled 1974 transit bus. Use our state-of-the-art microscopes to explore the microscopic world all around you and take home photos of your discoveries!

BioMaker: Biologists as Tool-Builders


Micropipettors are featured in every TV crime lab, and are one of the most common tools in biology. Did you know that they started out as a Maker project? The first micropipettor was rigged from a medical syringe by a quirky scientist-inventor in the 1950's. But that's rare now: scientists became tool consumers, and tool-builders stopped doing science. We should turn that around.
In this talk, I'll showcase ways to think like a scientist-inventor: to identify a scientific challenge and invent a technical solution. Specific examples will include custom-built scientific equipment and gadgets that use Maker-friendly technologies.n

Visualising Data Via Wearable Technology


I will talk about my work with wearable technology that uses physiological data, in particular, two pieces I have designed and built: the Baroesque Barometric Skirt, which visualises data from three environmental sensors, plus a temperature sensor that pulls in body temperature of the wearer. The other is the EEG Visualising Pendant, which amplifies brainwave attention and meditation data of the wearer, on an LED matrix. The device allows others to make assumptions and interpretations from its visualisations, for example, whether the person wearing the pendant is paying attention or not concentrating.


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