The Whiskeydrome is and action packed display of talent and risks on a 1912 boardtrack recreation. Watch as we show you what is possible while riding bicycles at full speed in a circle!

Reapproach personal transportation for short distances


Current transportation options for short distance travel within 5 miles range all have their shortcomings, whether they are energy inefficient, polluting, time consuming, or physically exhausting. We at EcoReco would like to demonstrate our take to solve this last miles issue. nEcoReco M3 is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle in the form of a kick scooter, designed for everyday urban use of an adult. It has performance one desires, and it is still compact, lightweight, safe, and easy to use. nIt provides a convenient and economic ride for everyone, and cleaner air for all.

Whimsical Bicycle Sculptures


These steel bicycle sculptures are made to remind us of the glorious act that is: Bicycling.rnrnI want to share my love of bicycles with the world by adorning the walls, desks and mantles of people who share the same love.

Camp Pedal Power


Camp Pedal Power is the place to be if you're interested in turning your good clean Pedal Power into usable juice for amazing music, tasty treats, and other awesome activities. Get inspired to turn your idea into reality!

Virtual Bike


VirtualBike is a innovative installation that merges a real bike with a realistic but virtual world. Multiple sensors will permit you to interact with this new dimension while exploring new exotic cities around the world.

BitLock: Keyless bike lock to enable bikesharing


BitLock is a Bluetooth-enabled bicycle U-Lock that uses the user's smartphone as the key. Using the BitLock app, users can share their bike location and access with anyone they wish. The technology empowers small communities