EcoReco Corporation


EcoReco Corp. is dedicated to provide eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms in urban transportation. We put our efforts to innovate and to develop practical and affordable technologies in order to achieve the goal, because we know only the combination of the right product and the right business model can create sustainable impacts.

Rupa & The April Fishes


the music of Rupa & the April Fishes pulls from eight years of street parties, many musical traditions, countless moments of joy, sorrow, loss, and transformation and a fierce independent spirit.

Fossil Fool


Fossil Fool is a conscious bike rapper that raps from the heart. Strong beats and lyrics to dance and sing to.

Will Magid


Will Magid's trumpet will take you to Havana in the summertime. It will take you to a West African wedding and, simultaneously, a French dance club. Deep pocket drums to make you dance throughout his music.



The Whiskeydrome is and action packed display of talent and risks on a 1912 boardtrack recreation. Watch as we show you what is possible while riding bicycles at full speed in a circle!

Reapproach personal transportation for short distances


Current transportation options for short distance travel within 5 miles range all have their shortcomings, whether they are energy inefficient, polluting, time consuming, or physically exhausting. We at EcoReco would like to demonstrate our take to solve this last miles issue. nEcoReco M3 is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle in the form of a kick scooter, designed for everyday urban use of an adult. It has performance one desires, and it is still compact, lightweight, safe, and easy to use. nIt provides a convenient and economic ride for everyone, and cleaner air for all.

8 Pack Pedal Car


Come out and watch the 8 Pack light up the pedal car races on the FBUC pedal car track. You will see me, and the car carrying more than just six, rip around the track at lighting speeds!

Whimsical Bicycle Sculptures


These steel bicycle sculptures are made to remind us of the glorious act that is: Bicycling.rnrnI want to share my love of bicycles with the world by adorning the walls, desks and mantles of people who share the same love.


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