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NASA: Accelerating Innovation Through Prize Competitions


Prize competitions have been accelerating the pace of innovation for centuries. NASA's Centennial Challenges brings together inventors, makers, academia and business to spur advances by offering monetary prize incentives. Teams have taken home more than $6 million in NASA prize money, and much more is available from current and future competitions. We are seeking solutions in current competitions in robotics and unmanned aircraft and potential future events in Cubesats, Mars ascent vehicles and more. The makers are a population of undiscovered challenge winners. Let us show you opportunities to solve tech challenges for NASA and the nation.

Build Your Own Sensor-Enabled Wearable in Minutes


In this presentation we will dig into the foundations: ultra-low power design based on Arduino*, future power sources like energy harvesting, and simplified wireless communication to your favored smartphone based on Bluetooth* SMART aka BLE. Projects like fitness tracker, plant monitoring and most of your fantastic ideas are made possible within minutes. The reference design includes a motion coprocessor and sensors for barometric / humidity - all powered by a few uA (micro!). The SD*card sized PCB will be available under OHW.


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