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Moving made Easy – A wheelchair transfer mechanism


I created a motorized wheelchair transfer device that allows users to get in and out of wheelchairs by themselves. This is a screw based device to move the seat, with a reclaimed ATV motor and battery pack.

NYC FIRST Robotics


Would you like to see what FIRST is all about? Come and check them out at their World Maker Faire exhibit! Three types of programmable robots will be on display.



The Odiologie is an advanced life navigation aid that will revolutionize all hearing aids that can be expensive or inexpensive depending on the amount of features you want, because with the Odiologie, everything is UP TO YOU.

Pop Up Labs: Robotics Classes in a Backpack


Low-cost computing technology will rapidly scale development efforts through increased access to quality educational resources. ELiTE uses the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other platforms to pilot STEM education programs, packaged in backpacks, and delivered to resource limited communities around the world.

Pre-Fabbers: Maker Spaces and Fab Labs as Sites for Developing STEM Capacities for Children Under Six


Presenting insights gained from research conducted during the summer of 2013 examining informal learning practices and sites aimed building STEM capacities in children 6 years old and younger. This includes methods at the intersection of Inquiry-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning and Maker Ed employed in museums, Fab Labs, and Maker Spaces.n

Puppet Phactory


Come Hack-a-Puppet! Puppet Phactory wants your puppet to be the next big sensation! All puppets will be considered for a Pop Up Playhouse performance of "Momma Junk" in February 2014 in New York City.

Purina ONE


Visitors to the Purina ONE booth at Maker Faire will have the opportunity to create and invent their own do-it-yourself (DIY) puzzle feeder projects to help enrich the feeding experiences of their cats; gather inspiration from the DIY wall u2013 a gallery of projects created from Purina ONE's cat community; and interact with a fun and shareable area at the booth. What you feed your cat is just as important as HOW you feed your cat. Cats are designed to hunt for their food, and while domestic cats have it much easier they still benefit from the stimulation that comes from the hunt. Incorporating a puzzle feeder in addition to a bowl encourages your cat to work for her food, stimulating her mind and body and helping her live her True Nature.



RadioShack is proud to sponsor the Learn to Solder Area at the World's Maker Faire in New York. Come stop by RadioShack's booth to learn the basics of soldering with our great Blinky LED Robot project.

Raspberry Pi Swag


What can you do with a Raspberry Pi? Have a chat with us, and we'll tell you! Robots, space exploration, doorbells, robot arms, we've seen it all, and you can too! Show your Pi-love and support education by getting Pi Swag!

RoboFun Lego Robotics and Building


Makers will be able to build and experiment with a variety of Lego Robots including We Do projects and NXT robots designed by RoboFun! rnSample Stop Motion Animation and Scratch Video Game Design too!

Robotic Field Deployment of Emergency Radio Antennas and Instrumentation


This lightweight open source portable tool helps emcomm operators deploy HF and VHF/UHF antennas in the field using standard parking lot light poles. The robot follows concepts learned in the FIRSTu00ae Robotics Program, and uses extruded aluminum and surplus automotive parts.
Designed and build by a team of Young Hams from NJ including: nKC2PIX Devlin KD2CXC Chris KD2DLM Ben KD2CQL Joe nKD2DWC Kyle KD2DPN Gavin KC2WCQ Robert
For more info, [email protected]



Based in Brooklyn, NY, Solidoodle makes quality 3D printers that are affordable and easy to use. With rugged steel frames, heated beds on most models, large build areas (6" x 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" x 8"), and prices between $499 and $799, it's no wonder it has shipped over 6,000 printers to satisfied customers in over 60 countries since starting out in late 2011.

SPark Projects


SPark Workshop will be showcasing the work and skills of it's members.

SpinBots! An ArtBots workshop for kids


SpinBots is a workshop that allows kids to build a working ArtBot. Using surplus motors, switches and laser cut parts, young roboteers can build their very own art making robot.

Squishy Circuits


Come make circuits using conductive and insulating play dough. In this hands-on session a young maker will show you some of her favorite Squishy Circuit activities and help you try them out! Children and families welcome! NOTE: Workshop will meet at Make: Education Cafe, and adjourn to an adjacent workshop space.

Super-Awesome Sylvia’s WaterColorBot!


WaterColorBot is a brand-new project from Super Awesome Sylvia and Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: a kid-friendly art robot that moves a paintbrush to paint your digital artwork onto paper, using a set of watercolor paints.



Swap-O-Rama-Rama is one of the largest clothing swaps & DIY workshops occurring in over 100 cities around the world. Every swap begins with pile of clothing, & participants creativeness. Supplies, Tools and Helpers provide.

Tech Valley Center of Gravity/Troy Maker Faire


The Tech Valley Center of Gravity is a makerspace in Troy, NY for hackers, crafters, artists, and business start-ups, and a partner in the Emma Willard Mini Maker Faire to be held on the school's campus on October 12, 2013.

The Art of Critical Making


As making itself takes on new cultural currency, it is an important moment to consider why we are driven to make, and why we make what we do. At Rhode Island School of Design, students make questions, ideas, and objects that define a new form of critical thinking - an interactive dialogue between mind and hand that we call "critical making." Like the artistic process itself, it is deeply introspective, passionate, and often provocative

Many of us hope to change the world—or another person's perspective—with the things we make. This talk will explore how RISD's critical making helps bring us closer to these aspirations.

The Frontier


The Frontier: If you can Make it Mars, you can Make it anywhere

Leaving the Earth's atmosphere, traversing over 35 million miles, and descending onto the Martian landscape are all tremendous challenges...But just getting there is only the beginning. The very same challenges we face on Earth - social, environmental, political to name a few - will need to be addressed for colonization to be successful.

The Frontier, a collaboration between openNASA, [ freespace ], EkoVillages and ReAllocate, aims to inspire participation and engagement in these themes, and prototype solutions to those problems mirrored here on Earth. From speaking with Astronauts, to painting, modelling and printing your view of a Martian Colony, there will be something to Inspire everyone!

Come help Make the Frontier!


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