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Teaching Creativity: Can It Be Done? Yes & No!


Can you teach creativity. Some may argue that you can't, but some say you can. I agree with both of these answers, and I'll explain why in this brief look at how I teach creativity at Lehigh University, and some of my favorite systematic techniques.

Tempo Automation


A desktop electronics manufacturing robot

The Industrial Age is Over: Welcome to the Maker Age


To some, this looks like the end. But in reality it's only the beginning: we are shifting from a time-is-money economy of debt-based currency, corporations, and hourly wages, to a real-time "steady state" ecology of alt currencies, creating value through making, and direct p2p exchange. In short, what comes after the industrial age is not the "digital" age, but the Maker Age.

The Maker Movement Manifesto


TechShop CEO Mark Hatch will read from his new book, "The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules for Innovation in the New World of Crafters, Hackers, and Tinkerers." Discussion to follow.



ThreeForm is a design company and service that uses the latest 3D imaging and production technologies to create customized apparel and wearable designs.

Turning your idea into a business with Kickstarter and Ecommerce


I'm a 16 year old high student and I designed a 3D printed watch cover. I launched a Kickstarter crowd funding project to raise money to buy my own 3D printer. My project raised $10,000 in 30 days from backers in 25 countries. After the project, I turned my idea into my own ecommerce business. Along the way, I learned a lot about marketing, product design and testing, customer service, and e-commerce tools - in addition to a lot about small batch manufacturing with 3D printers. As a high school student, I can help other young makers learn how to take an idea and turn it into a business. My kickstarter project:

Voltset – The digital multimeter for mobile device


Voltset is a mobile digital multimeter that measures AC/DC, Volt, Ohm, Current and Amp. Smartphone, Tablet & morernrnImportant! This is a high tech custom made, fully functional Digital Multimeter, as SAFE as it can get!

What makes a maker?


What makes a maker? We'll be asking each of you as we catalogue and classify our results into a brief documentary.

Why 3D Printing, Why Not Traditional Manufacturing


Former Googler with experience in traditional manufacturing presents why 3D printing is the solution in the long term: better, more innovative products, a new world of independent designers and brands, more local manufacturing, less waste overall.
Additional support: rising labor costs, rising fuel costs, new generation in developing countries educated in service industries.

XOBXOB:Simple Internet for Things


Simple Internet for Things. Making it easy for Makers to connect physical projects to the web.

Zahn Center Incubator


The NYC Zahn Center is an incubator for hardware start-ups located on the City College campus. The center is a place where entrepreneurs throughout NYC can engineer their products and create business plans to market them.


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