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Major in Making in College


We'll talk about how Making has pathways to engineering majors as well as its advantages to becoming technically literate, a benefit for any university student. We'll provide a couple of examples of the type of Making engineering students do in project-based learning engineering programs. PBL is an educational innovation by which a few undergraduate engineering programs (Olin, Harvey Mudd College and ASU's College of Technology and Innovation) have committed to integration hands-on experiences and building projects into 4 years of engineering curricula. This will not be a selling spiel for our ASU program but rather connecting PBL and Making.

Make Anything – Furry Electric Zoo


The Furry Electric Zoo kits use soft circuit projects to teach users basic electronic concepts such as circuit and switch as well as basic sewing skills while encouraging users to create fantastical creatures!

Make your Ideas Happen!


At Arizona State University's College of Technology and Innovation we make ideas happen. Come check out example projects from our innovative students. Make something yourself!

Maker Educational Pathways Research Projects


Are Makers the engineers of the future? With support from the National Science Foundation, Arizona State researchers are interviewing selected Makers about educational experiences around engineering and related activities.

Making Machines that Make


Tools are the transformers which adapt us to the material of our world. Stop by and learn how to build your own computer-controlled tools to automate something that you would otherwise do by hand.

Making the Case for Making in Schools


Why can't school be more like a Maker Faire? The answer is: it can. Learn how to advocate for making in your school based on the latest research in learning and best practices found in innovative schools. The authors of the new book, "Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom" will share:

* Why making and tinkering is the way real science is done
* How to start a maker program
* How to find allies and advocates
* What teacher and parents can say and don't do

Materialise NV


Far more than just an online 3D printing service, i.materialise helps people to materialise their creative ideas. With over 20 years of experience in the technology, more than 70 3D printers, and the largest selection of materials (including metals) and finishes out there, our support goes beyond 3D printing to address our clients' real needs. Whether you are looking for a specific solution, starting a business or simply want to get your name out there, i.materialise is the partner you can count on.

Mechanical Artillery 101….Yes, You can be a Siege Engineer.


Catapults have existed for over 2,000 years, and have changed significantly over the years, from the complexity of a Ballista with its two rope bundles and complex winches, to the simplicity of a traction Trebuchet, or a sling shot
On the practical side, you will leave having started down the road towards designing and constructing your own backyard weaponry



Microsoft provides foundational technologies that allow people to learn new abilities, create new software, and control the emerging world of computer controlled manufacturing devices.

The Microsoft tent at Maker Faire New York will interactively demonstrate how Microsoft technologies and partners help enable people to create "workshops of the future" and realize their full potential as makers. Interactive demonstrations within our tent include easy 3D Printing from Windows 8.1, the touch-friendly programming of TouchDevelop, exciting full-size Boxing Robots, kids creating theatrical animatronic presentations, various microcontrollers, and DIY video games from Project Spark.


Exhibit is a community dedicated to the support of Open Hardware utilizing Intelu00ae processors. Meet the MinnowBoard, an open hardware embedded board powered by an Intel(r) Atom(tm) processor. With exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards, the MinnowBoard can be used for simple maker projects, yet scales up to high workloads and ambitious embedded applications. Drop by our booth and see the MinnowBoard Fish Picker-Upper in action - a robotics and computer vision demo.



MITERS is MIT's student-run shop and community of people who like to make things. Located behind the MIT museum, MITERS is a small EE bench and machine shop. It's a member-run creative haven.

Motorola Mobility


MAKEwithMOTO is a VELCRO-clad van full of 3D printers, unlocked, hackable phones, and electronic prototyping equipment traveling the country to connect and create cool things with makers. Get in touch with your maker skills and stick a creation to the van, 3D print something cool, hack a smartphone, and share your technology dreams! In addition to these activities, the truck crew will be offer a taste of the MAKEwithMOTO experience to new Moto X owners. We have designed a set of delightful co-creation experiences for Moto X owners to make personal, one-of-a-kind gifts to complement their custom Moto X and explore the capabilities afforded by state-of-the-art 3D printing. We are calling this #MAKEwithX.

Moving made Easy – A wheelchair transfer mechanism


I created a motorized wheelchair transfer device that allows users to get in and out of wheelchairs by themselves. This is a screw based device to move the seat, with a reclaimed ATV motor and battery pack.



NASA recently announced the Asteroid Grand Challenge to "find all asteroid threats to human populations and know what to do about them". Recognizing the power of traditional and innovative collaboration u2013 including the use of public private partnerships, citizen science, crowdsourcing, and incentive prizes, NASA will lead a dialogue addressing how to best use these methods to aid in solving this global problem, together. Come program Chipsats, learn more about the Grand Challenge, and help us brainstorm solutions. Join the conversation!

NYC FIRST Robotics


Would you like to see what FIRST is all about? Come and check them out at their World Maker Faire exhibit! Three types of programmable robots will be on display.

NYSCI Village


Meet the Makers of NYSCI and learn about the design and DiY-focused programs we run year-round. Make your own instrument, glider or under water robot. Play with perspective. Design with motion. Encounter robotic insects.

NYSCI Village: 1: Drama in the Garden


Drama in the Garden is constructed of sheet metal, wire, motor and lights. Makers: Karl Szilagi and Sean Walsh both member of the NYSCI Exhibits Department.

NYSCI Village: Build an Underwater Robot!


NYSCI and COSEE OCEAN are helping participants: build and fly an ROV, make a plankton net, run a plankton race, and help to create a bio-rock coral reef! Plan to get wet and plan to have fun! Makers: NYSCI with COSEE OCEAN

NYSCI Village: Design with Motion


What shape is a wiggle? What shape is a swing, twist, or flop? Play with motion as you design your own work of art. Makers: NYSCI Design Lab Team

NYSCI Village: Don Cornelius


Don Cornelius is a sheet metal insect, approximately 35 feet in length. The Don is comprised of about 20 individual units that have motors inside them to help them keep the beat. Maker: Karl Szilagi, NYSCI Exhibits Department Member


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