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Tools for Working Wood


Joel Moskowitz of Tools for Working Wood demonstrates how to sharpen woodworking tools such as chisels, plane blades, and carving tools. The tools required are minimal and can be as simple as some sheets of sandpaper.



UDOO is a joint effort of SECO USA Inc. ( ) and Aidilab (, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in interaction design, embedded electronics, sensor networks and cognitive science, who along the years have worked together in several projects sharing the same vision about the role of technology in human life, and are now spread between Europe and United States.

UDOO merges different computing worlds in one; each world has its strengths and weaknesses, and all of them are useful today in education as well as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and rapid prototyping endeavours.
UDOO is an open hardware low-cost single-board Android/Linux ARM computer with Arduino-compatible integration.


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