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Raspberry Pi Swag


What can you do with a Raspberry Pi? Have a chat with us, and we'll tell you! Robots, space exploration, doorbells, robot arms, we've seen it all, and you can too! Show your Pi-love and support education by getting Pi Swag!

Raspberry Pi: Shiny New Toys!


Eben will share some of the neat stuff they've seen people do with the Pi over the last six months, show a demo of their new hardware-accelerated desktop environment, and talk about what we've got coming up next—including their night-vision camera module, Pinoir.

RepRap: Self Replicating 3D Printer


These are RepRap 3D printers that melt plastic filament and build solid physical objects. The coolest thing that a RepRap can print is another RepRap. Most of these 3D printers' parts are printed plastic parts!



Low-cost computing technology will rapidly scale development efforts through increased access to quality educational resources. ELiTE uses the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other platforms to pilot portable STEM Labs.

Surface Mount vs. Through Hole in Electronics Development


Many makers use through hole components for their electronics projects. In industry, however, folks use surface mount almost exclusively. In this talk, I will discuss the benefits to makers of using surface mount components.



Tekserve has, for more than 25 years, delivered a broad range of strategic services, solutions, and products to support the technology needs of creative professionals, small- to medium-sized businesses, and top corporations. From Apple to HP, from Avid to Adobe and more, Tekserve helps companies create the best possible solution for their technology challenges. At its 23rd Street retail location in Manhattan, Tekserve stocks a wide variety of Mac configurations, hardware, and technology accessories, and offers rentals, workshops, and support to a loyal customer base. Tekserve has fostered a deep level of commitment to the NYC community since the company began in 1987.

The Board Room Hour


What's in store in the world of microcontrollers? Join Massimo Banzi (Arduino), Dale Dougherty (MAKE), Jason Kridner (Beaglebone) and MAKE editors Matt Richardson and Alasdair Allan for some good conversation and debate about what these inexpensive and powerful boards can do today, but mostly what the next generations of microcontroller boards could bring.

The FCMG 5(00) Autonomous Robot Races


The FCMG 5(00) Autonomous Robot Race is a contest of member built robots who must navigate a race track in the quickest time.


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