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DIY Girls: Inspiring women and girls to make


DIY Girls encourages women and girls to become makers. Come make a project with us!

DiY Wedding Photobooth


Cunning Turtle is here to provide Maker Faire with quirky fun memories using their entire inventory of custom Photobooths. Learn how easy and fun it is to build your own or just strike a pose at their many demo booths.

DNA Makers


We are a family that enjoy making DNA models and crafts that are educational, artistic and fun to play for children as well as for adults. The models are built using LEGO pieces, paper, PVC pipes, knitting materials and LED

Duct Tape Bling


Take the duct tape trend to a whole new level and invent a bracelet or other accessory that sparkles with colorful lights. Duct Tape Bling combines duct tape with conductive tape or thread, a battery, and colorful LED's.

Engineering for English Majors


At its core, engineering is really just figuring out how to solve problems when you don't have all the information in front of you. Engineer Steve Nordhauser of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity, a makerspace in Troy, NY, will take you through the eight steps needed to approach a problem and see it through to completion. Low-tech robotics instructor, English Major, and TVCOG Board Member Kathy Ceceri -- author of the family hands-on activity books "Geek Mom" and "Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future" -- will help keep the discussion at a level everybody can understand.



Stop by the Esurance booth to meet the Road to Maker Faire Challenge winner and check out our latest tech innovation: photo claims on Esurance Mobile.

Discover how Esurance makes car insurance easier at

Explore Careers in Welding Trailer


The Careers in Welding Trailer is the only mobile exhibit on the road today that offers an educational experience for young people to educate them on the career opportunities in the welding industry. It includes five Lincoln VRTEX 360 virtual welding simulator stations and other interactive educational exhibits.



Flowerclouds are lasercut textile accessories and kits that encourage DIY!

Ford Transit Connect Wagon


We support ingenuity and the thinkers who use "remaking" to fulfill an individual vision, not only with the Ford Connect, but with anything that can be transformed to support a personal lifestyle, hobby or home business. Visit us at

Garrett Wade


Our Mission Since 1975 - The Garrett Wade philosophy is simple: to find and bring you unique tools and other hands-on products of exceptional quality and solid value, in terms of design, materials, and workmanship-in short: tools that will improve your work, enrich your life and, hopefully, make your heart beat just a little bit faster.
Everything we sell is backed by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Giant Potholder Rug Looms


DIY on our Giant Potholder Rug Looms Make thick luxurious rugs from upcycled cotton t-shirts and felted wool sweaters on giant looms - all ages DIY



GLANK performs on unique found-object instruments: tuned propane tanks, saw blades, artillery shells, etc. GLANK is a multi-media, audience interactive groove-fest!



GrannyCam is a safe, durable, videophone for kids and their grandparents. Wireless, portable, one-touch, the device is designed to be friendly and simple for both seniors and their toddler grandchildren to video chat anytime.

Guess the Word* Contest


A single player game that tests your ability to guess the missing letter in a word. You are provided two clues, the meaning of the word and a fleeting display of all letters of the word in order, except one shown as star.

Hand Tools for Little Hands: Woodworking with Young Makers


NYSCI's Maker Space presents woodworking for makers of all ages. Families with young children are invited to explore hand tools and materials, practice using hammers, nails and sandpaper, and use their creative skills to design and build their own wooden creation.

Hape Quadrilla


"Hape is a world-wide leader in designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children's products made from sustainable materials. The eco-friendly company was established in 1986 in Germany by founder and CEO Peter Handstein. Handstein has a knack for toy design. He uncovered and eventually bought Quadrilla, the ""smarty pants"" and Oppenheim Platinum Award winner of wooden marble runs.

Quadrilla is not a one-time build-and-play toy. It's a system of multi-colored blocks u2013 each with its own function u2013 that can be combined with short or long, curved or straight rails that children use to build a "contraption of sorts". The completed structure is a working marble run and the builder is in charge of its design. Quadrilla is the "smarty pants" of marble run systems on the market today. It operates on kinetic, rather than gravitational, energy.

Eager to build and play with Quadrilla and break away from designing, Wilfried Braun, Quadrilla inventory, jumped at the chance to demonstrate how it works at the Hape Quadrilla booth during the World Maker Faire. "

Invent-abling, a materials kit for boys and girls


A creative design kit that exposes children to an assortment of smart materials and electronic components for interactive craft projects

Kaleidoscope Learning Center


Kaleidoscope Learning Center is the exciting place for life-long learning in Northwest New Jersey. Join in the fun as we discover, create and innovate with kids and adults.



Lagoa is the world's first web-based platform for photoreal 3D visualization and rendering. Fast and powerful, Lagoa enables artists, designers, engineers, architects and advertisers to collaborate while producing spectacular 3D content.

Laser cutting for Boston Strong


William enjoys woodworking very much and this past Spring, he completed his first laser cutting project. After the a boston Bombings in April, he decided to make rulers by laser cutting that he then sold at school to raise money for Boston Strong. The plans were done on Inkscape the the cutting was done at a Fab Lab in Rhode Island.


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