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Motorola Mobility


MAKEwithMOTO is a VELCRO-clad van full of 3D printers, unlocked, hackable phones, and electronic prototyping equipment traveling the country to connect and create cool things with makers. Get in touch with your maker skills and stick a creation to the van, 3D print something cool, hack a smartphone, and share your technology dreams! In addition to these activities, the truck crew will be offer a taste of the MAKEwithMOTO experience to new Moto X owners. We have designed a set of delightful co-creation experiences for Moto X owners to make personal, one-of-a-kind gifts to complement their custom Moto X and explore the capabilities afforded by state-of-the-art 3D printing. We are calling this #MAKEwithX.

Open Source Smarthome: Help Me Now!


An arduino and raspberry pi smart home capable of controlling many different appliences and providing info.

PhoneGap for Makers


Did you know you can use PhoneGap to write apps for your phone using HTML, CSS and JavaScript? I'll show you how to get started with PhoneGap and will demo Android applications interacting with Arduino hardware.

Purina ONE


Visitors to the Purina ONE booth at Maker Faire will have the opportunity to create and invent their own do-it-yourself (DIY) puzzle feeder projects to help enrich the feeding experiences of their cats; gather inspiration from the DIY wall u2013 a gallery of projects created from Purina ONE's cat community; and interact with a fun and shareable area at the booth. What you feed your cat is just as important as HOW you feed your cat. Cats are designed to hunt for their food, and while domestic cats have it much easier they still benefit from the stimulation that comes from the hunt. Incorporating a puzzle feeder in addition to a bowl encourages your cat to work for her food, stimulating her mind and body and helping her live her True Nature.



re:3D is committed to trailblazing new frontiers in 3D printing. Our flagship technology, "The Gigabot" large format 3D printer, maximizes output volumes with respect to size, speed, and quantity of objects printed during a single production run. re:3D is also developing novel printer feedstock including cost-efficient recyclables and enriched composites. With a global online marketplace and a localized presence in both Latin America and the United States, re:3D is reaching untapped emerging markets worldwide. After a successful Kickstarter debut, our diverse team looks forward to an active presence in the international entrepreneurial and maker communities, and sharing our experience in StartUp Chile, one of the world's largest global accelerators.

ShopBot Tools, Inc.


ShopBot, always an innovator in digital fabrication, is further amping up its commitment to making technology for Making accessible, usable and affordable.

We'll be highlighting our ShopBot Desktop Tool, a powerful and precise CNC tool that is widely at work in small to medium size businesses and educational settings (STEM and other education)

Also demonstrating our latest innovation, the Handibotu2122 Smart Power Tool. This is a truly portable power tool run by apps on smartphones and tablets that brings the power & precision of CNC technology right to your work: on the floor, the wall, the workbench, the ceiling -- wherever your DIY work takes you.

Founded in 1996, ShopBot's unique mission is to make the empowering technology of digital fabrication widely accessible and usable. ShopBot's subtractive digital fabrication tools, working across a range of sizes, deliver the power, precision and reliability of digital tools traditionally costing thousands of dollars more.
With almost 7000 tools at work around the world, ShopBot Tools, Inc., is one of the largest producers of digital fabrication equipment for small-to-midsized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets. All ShopBots are designed and built in ShopBot's Durham headquarters.
ShopBot supports the growing DIY/maker movement with, a free resource that enables people with ideas for custom products to connect with others using digital fabrication tools to prototype and make them.
In 2008, ShopBot was named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America and was recently named one of the top-25 North Carolina companies to watch by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

Sixense Entertainment


Sixense will present MakeVR - a radically fun, easy and powerful way to model objects for 3D print and other uses. MakeVR uses a two-handed interface built around high precision motion tracking technology that allows makers to create very simple and very complex objects with natural hand motions. With MakeVR, you can reach into the creative environment to manipulate shapes, objects and tools. Our talk will demonstrate how we've brought fun to 3D software to let makers build objects ready for print in less time than it takes to complete an introduction class for other modeling products.



SketchUp is the easiest way to draw in 3D.

At World Maker Faire, we've collaborated with WikiHouse and ShopBot to build a single story house out of open-sourced designs developed in SketchUp. Swing by our exhibit to learn about the basics of 3D modeling and how to create 3D designs that can be developed into CNC projects!

SmartJars, Inc.


SmartJars®..for modular storage: A portable, durable, food-safe jar and a pegboard-mountable dock to hold it.

SmartJars® are capping off their summer 2013 debut at the NY Maker Faire.

The Maker community is our community and it's simply the best suited to appreciate the ease, utility, and convenience of SmartJars® Get Organized!

Social Gumball machine and teletype


Interact with old machines that have been taught to use social networking. Call, text or checkin on Foursquare for free candy. Tweet @ a 1937 teletype and take away your message typed on vintage 1/4" paper.



Low-cost computing technology will rapidly scale development efforts through increased access to quality educational resources. ELiTE uses the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other platforms to pilot portable STEM Labs.

Superpowers Unite! Beginning Near Field Communication with ITP + MAKE


We've been busy for the past couple of years working on guide to Near Field Communication that's accessible to the casual programmer, and it's finally ready. In this presentation, we'll show you a few of the examples we've done for it using Android, Arduino, and embedded linux boards like the BeagleBone Black and the Raspberry Pi.



Tekserve has, for more than 25 years, delivered a broad range of strategic services, solutions, and products to support the technology needs of creative professionals, small- to medium-sized businesses, and top corporations. From Apple to HP, from Avid to Adobe and more, Tekserve helps companies create the best possible solution for their technology challenges. At its 23rd Street retail location in Manhattan, Tekserve stocks a wide variety of Mac configurations, hardware, and technology accessories, and offers rentals, workshops, and support to a loyal customer base. Tekserve has fostered a deep level of commitment to the NYC community since the company began in 1987.

Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments serves the world's most innovative electronics companies, as well as hobbyists just like you, helping to develop new ideas that change the way we live. By providing semiconductor technologies that promote greater power efficiency, enable more features, enhance performance and deliver more value, TI expands the possibilities every day for how we learn, connect, grow and discover.

The Board Room Hour


What's in store in the world of microcontrollers? Join Massimo Banzi (Arduino), Dale Dougherty (MAKE), Jason Kridner (Beaglebone) and MAKE editors Matt Richardson and Alasdair Allan for some good conversation and debate about what these inexpensive and powerful boards can do today, but mostly what the next generations of microcontroller boards could bring.

VEX Robotics, Inc.


VEX Robotics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovation First International, is a leading provider of educational and competitive robotics products to middle schools, high schools, colleges and robotics teams around the world. The VEX Robotics Design System, winner of the 2006 Best of Innovations Award at CES, was built from the ground up and designed to be an affordable, accessible and scalable platform used to teach science, technology, engineering and math education worldwide. The VEXpro product line, designed for large scale competitive robots, gives robotics enthusiasts superior performance for less cost. The new VEX IQ platform, aimed at elementary and middle school students, is a tool-free robotics platform set to revolutionize STEM learning. The company has over 250 man years of experience supporting educational robotics programs and extensive engineering resources on two continents dedicated to the VEX Robotics platform.

Voltset – The digital multimeter for mobile device


Voltset is a mobile digital multimeter that measures AC/DC, Volt, Ohm, Current and Amp. Smartphone, Tablet & morernrnImportant! This is a high tech custom made, fully functional Digital Multimeter, as SAFE as it can get!

X-Winder, LLC


X-Winder is debuting, for the first time ever, its flagship product called the X-Winder at the NYC Maker Faire. The X-Winder is a filament winder that builds carbon fiber parts at 90% less cost than equivalent commercially available parts, like tubes, beams, supports and other ultra-strong, lightweight applications. Think of the X-Winder like a 3D printer - it deposits layer after layer of carbon fiber, fiberglass or other high tensile filament on a rotating mandrel to additively manufacture very strong, lightweight parts. BUT, unlike plastic 3D printer parts, X-Winder parts can be used in demanding high performance applications that require great strength and light weight. Filament winding has been around for decades in the aerospace business, but only on a huge scale, with machines so big they take up the entire shop floor. Now, the X-Winder brings this same proven manufacturing technology to the desktop and a smaller scale for makers and hobbyists who can now share in the immense cost savings and superior parts manufacturing capability.

X-Winder is an emerging manufacturing technology company with the stated mission to create affordable, cutting edge manufacturing methods and machines that dramatically lower the cost of entry to own and produce commercial grade aerospace related products.

XOBXOB:Simple Internet for Things


Simple Internet for Things. Making it easy for Makers to connect physical projects to the web.



Zazzle will be hosting 'Make It Yours' - an event where everyone can get creative u2013 adults and children and all ages in between. We'll have postcards with robot designs that you can color in and decorate. We'll also have photo buttons that you can create by taking a picture of yourself. With your imagination and all sorts of creative supplies u2013 markers, crayons u2013 you can make these products uniquely your own. Zazzle will have merchandise on display to show all of our amazing products from skateboards to iPad cases, including products made by New York makers such as Case-Able in Brooklyn, New York.


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