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3D Printed Jewelry, Blasters, & Glass accessories


I have made 3d printed jewelry, 3d printed space blasters, 3d printed accessories for Google Glass, 3d printed Tickle-me-Elmo in Carbonite, and lots more 3d printed things!

Appessories: Bridging the Digital to the Physical with Bluetooth Technology


'Appcessories' enable people to interact with technology like never before by helping to customize and improve the experience on their tablets, smartphones and mobile devices. In this session, we'll cover several things.
What is an appcessory?
Potential market and how Bluetooth can enable your solutions
Overview of how to get started with Bluetooth technologies from a developer's point of viewnnCome and see how Bluetooth Smart can help you deliver amazing connected experiences to your creations!



With more than 1,500 books in print and e-formats, Apress is the authoritative source for IT professionals, software developers, and business leaders all over the world. Apress provides high-quality, no-fluff content that helps serious technology professionals build a comprehensive pathway to career success. Since 2007, Apress has been part of Springer Science+Business Media, one of the world's leading scientific, technical, and medical publishing houses, enabling global distribution of Apress publications. For more information, please visit

Augmented Reality Glasses and Games – castAR


Technical Illusions, founded by Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, will be showcasing CastAR, Augmented Reality glasses that project a fully immersive and interactive 3D environment in front of you.



Autodesk 123D is free software integrated with content and fabrication services. At Maker Faire NY Autodesk will be hosting a hands on makerspace where participants can have hands on experiences with our free apps and 3d printers. We also will be hosting an educational hack-a-thon where educators will be answering the question ""How do you use a 3D printer in your classroom?



The B9Creator is an open source hardware/software high resolution 3D Printer. The B9Creator combines innovative methods with off the shelf DLP technology to produce parts that compare with machines costing thousands more. A wide range of photo-polymer based resins can be used to obtain the material properties desired. From resins that are suitable for lost wax casting applications to very reactive "fast grow" resins for quick proto-typing. No other machine comes close to offering the flexibility and low entry cost. Launched in early spring of 2012, the B9Creator has been delivered and is in use by hundreds of satisfied users already and enjoys the largest resin based printer user community anywhere. Don't wait any longer, get printing "hi-res" today!

Bite Your Tongue


I have a device that is made to keep from people biting their tongue while sleeping. This device is made of soft durable plastic, although i designed the first layout of clay. It can be packaged in different colors and sizes and can come in packages of 1 or more for the entire family or for those that have a problem biting their tongue or grinding their teeth at night while sleeping. It can be sold in dentist office or stores worldwide.

Build a Fitness Tracker with Ultra-Low-Power Arduino


Taming power consumption of billion of connected devices in the near future will be key. In this presentation we will dig into the low level optimization of an Arduino - you will learn about the tools to do so. Alternate power sources like coin cell and super caps will be used and a wireless communication to your favored smartphone based on Bluetooth(TM) SMART established. Projects like fitness tracker, plant monitoring sensors and most of your fantastic ideas becoming possible - easily. The used PCB design will be made available under OHW.

BUST Magazine Craftacular


The BUST Magazine Craftacular is a pop-up shopping festival, featuring 70+ vendors selling the best in handmade wares.

Cafeteria Culture- Alternative Messaging- Giant no-styro Puppets


No Styro-Giant back-pack and pole puppets made from thousands of used (and washed) plastic foam school lunch trays, turning the topic of garbage into a sexy sustainability topic.

Chameleon Bag


The Chameleon Bag combines an RFID sensor and 49 RGB LEDs to create an interactive messenger bag with a reactive front panel. As a user places RFID tagged items into the bag, the front panel animates and changes color.

ClothBot Designs


Open, hackable personal 3D printing lets you embrace and extend the technology in new and unexpected ways. Fuse plastic on paper to make lamp shades and glider wings, or print finger bones into fabric to make robot hands.rn

Computational Craft from Parsons


Students share projects that weave traditional crafting techniques with new fabrication technologies and alternative materials to create computational craft objects. Come make with us!

Costumed Actor Combustion Unit


CACU, "Costumed Actor Combustion Unit" is a costume lighting and mechatronic controller. It was created for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (B.R.O.S) to sync stage lighting, effects, and music.

Destroyed Monster


Destroyed Monster is a theater piece based on a Japanese Noh play, mediated through sets and costumes made of automotive waste and a dumpster-sourced speech activated control system, as well as a how-to exhibit.

DIY Health Technology Hands-on Demo


Come play with DIY Health Technology made at MITs Little Devices Lab. Devices include: legofluidics, solar instrument sterilization and pop-up biosensor kiosks. We're also bring materials, tools and engineers to help you design your own DIY Health Technology at the Medical Making Help Desk.

DIY Superhero Lab


Make your own superhero costume in our design lab!

Dual wireless data gloves


A pair of compact wireless data gloves allows a person to interact with a computer using both hands.

Duct Tape Bling


Take the duct tape trend to a whole new level and invent a bracelet or other accessory that sparkles with colorful lights. Duct Tape Bling combines duct tape with conductive tape or thread, a battery, and colorful LED's.

Electronic Component Jewelry


A jewelry line which explores the unique visual functionality of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and varistors inspired by native American jewelry and minimalist geometrical shapes.


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