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Absolute Blackout


Absolute Blackout is a small independently owned company that focuses on handmade & upcycled accessories.

Batterie-en-Valise: music for two percussionists and five suitcases


Part found-object sound sculpture, part new music performance, and part interactive conversation about human relationships with objects. A set of vintage suitcases mount dangling curiosities & repurposed harmonic assemblages.

Build Your Own Steampunk Gear


Thomas Willeford, founder of Brute Force Studios, author of Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos (McGraw-Hill, 2011), and well-known steampunk guru, will demonstrate how to build working, wearable, fun DIY steampunk projects from his forthcoming book, The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide, while in full costume.

Fubar Labs Hackerspace


Visit us and our members as we race Power Wheels vehicles, and demo Morse's Secret Steampunk Robot Horde. Then visit us in NJ and learn with us to make crazing amazing possible.



Idontdordinary, I create beyond what the eye sees. When others say "WHY" I say "WHY NOT"? Nothing wasted,nothing lost. A NEW CREATION. I am a true artist that re purposes what is perceived as hopeless. INSPIRATION and REBIRTH

Kinetic Ontology: Sound Assemblages by Eric Farber


A forgotten flywheel is a giant music box; a Victorian sewing machine treadle plays a melody on Art Deco film reels - Eric Farber juxtaposes relics of old industry to build sonic and performative sculpture.

Scratch Art


Learn how to make your own scratch art! Natalie will be demonstrating her art as well as her recipe for DIY scratch boards and other fun scratch projects. Original art, prints and more available!

Social Gumball machine and teletype


Interact with old machines that have been taught to use social networking. Call, text or checkin on Foursquare for free candy. Tweet @ a 1937 teletype and take away your message typed on vintage 1/4" paper.