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3d printing modeling and crafts


large number of 3d printed models I have made.

Affine Creations


Examples and demonstration of woodworking. Boxes, Tool Caddies and Clocks and more.rnHow to hand cut dovetails and develop beautiful finishes. rnInspired by mathematics, crafted by hand, finished with care.

Anyone really know what time it is?


This exhibit demonstrates how time is kept and distributed, from time-balls to radio and GPS. Ever wonder how your cellphone always has the correct time? Why they drop a time-ball on New Years Eve? Find out at this exhibit.

DIY Home Roasting Coffee


Roasting your own coffee is not only economical, it's awesome! We'll cover the basics of home roasting, including affordable equipment to get you started & tips on creating the perfect roast. Ends with samples for the audience and Q&A on the finer points of home roasting.



Stop by the Esurance booth to meet the Road to Maker Faire Challenge winner and check out our latest tech innovation: photo claims on Esurance Mobile.

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Hand Cut Dovetails: Give Project Enclosures an Extra WOW


You've taken the time to make a fascinating project and looking to make a wood enclosure. With a few hand tools and some practice, you can give it something extra with some dovetail joints for the corners. An old technique that adds strength to the enclosure and an additional touch of style.

NYC Resistor Presents Future Crew!


NYC Resistor is bringing Future Crew to Maker Faire! Flip switches! Push buttons! Use a variety of retro-futuristic consoles to manipulate the timestream and save the universe!

VEX Robotics, Inc.


VEX Robotics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovation First International, is a leading provider of educational and competitive robotics products to middle schools, high schools, colleges and robotics teams around the world. The VEX Robotics Design System, winner of the 2006 Best of Innovations Award at CES, was built from the ground up and designed to be an affordable, accessible and scalable platform used to teach science, technology, engineering and math education worldwide. The VEXpro product line, designed for large scale competitive robots, gives robotics enthusiasts superior performance for less cost. The new VEX IQ platform, aimed at elementary and middle school students, is a tool-free robotics platform set to revolutionize STEM learning. The company has over 250 man years of experience supporting educational robotics programs and extensive engineering resources on two continents dedicated to the VEX Robotics platform.

Vintage Radio: Up-cycled! – Demo and Tutorial


Upgraded with modern electronics, this vintage Silvertone radio is upcycled into an iPhone/Android dock and Bluetooth wireless speaker! A fun electronics learning project for beginners and adult- supervised children.


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