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AS220 Labs Members Projects


AS220 Labs is a Providence, RI's local fab lab and makerspace. The members of AS220 Labs have brought a sampling of some of our work to Maker Faire.

Baltimore Burners Go Karts


"Liability Risk" and the "BaHa buggy" are two $500 go karts built from modified Power Wheels chassis. These karts were built with help from Baltimore Hackerspace, a 501c(3) hackerspace based out of Rosedale MD.

Cape Cod Makers | Making The Future


Cape Cod Makers is hard at work establishing Cape Cod's first makerspace, seeking to unite Boston tech geeks, beach-cottage artists, vacationing kids on rainy days, and everyone in between.

Central Ohio RepRap and MakerBot User Group


CORMUG has been holding free monthlyrnmeetups at the Columbus Idea Foundry since 2009. Everyone is welcome to attend whether you own a printer, want to buy a printer, or just want to see what 3D printing is all about.

Children Are Teaching Adults to Make Again


Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits, has long been a part of the maker movement and has lead several STEAM initiatives. She has observed how quickly young children can take to building with electronics and craft materials. A child's innate desire to create and transcend boundaries is something adults can learn from.
In this presentation, Ayah will combine the lessons she's learned with ongoing trends. She will also announce the winners of the littleBits Global Makeathon.

Clemons Coding Company


Clemons Coding Company is the creator of 3DaVinci, an easy to learn, intuitive to use 3D CAD software application made specifically for 3D printers and average people - created so you can bring ideas from your head to your hands. CCC is at MakerFaire to introduce 3DaVinci to the Maker community and to get input on desired product features while it is being developed.

Deezmaker 3D Printers


Deezmaker manufactures the popular and robust Bukobot 3D Printer and Bukito Portable 3D Printer starting at $699. We pride ourselves in making quality products. We were the first walk-in retail 3D printer store and hackerspace on the west coast providing 3D printers, 3D printing services, classes and 3D printing supplies to the Los Angeles area.

Digi International


Digi International is the M2M expert, combining products and services as end-to-end solutions to drive business efficiencies. Digi provides the industry's broadest range of wireless products, a cloud computing platform tailored for devices and development services to help customers get to market fast with wireless devices and applications. Digi's entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application, anywhere in the world. For more information, visit Digi's website at

Engineering for English Majors


At its core, engineering is really just figuring out how to solve problems when you don't have all the information in front of you. Engineer Steve Nordhauser of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity, a makerspace in Troy, NY, will take you through the eight steps needed to approach a problem and see it through to completion. Low-tech robotics instructor, English Major, and TVCOG Board Member Kathy Ceceri -- author of the family hands-on activity books "Geek Mom" and "Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future" -- will help keep the discussion at a level everybody can understand.

Fixers Collective


The Fixers Collective is an ongoing social experiment encouraging improvisational fixing and mending and fighting planned obsolescence.

Fubar Labs Hackerspace


Visit us and our members as we race Power Wheels vehicles, and demo Morse's Secret Steampunk Robot Horde. Then visit us in NJ and learn with us to make crazing amazing possible.

GeekDad LLC

Exhibit and are the parenting sites for the geek generation. We love Dr. Who and gaming and electronics and food-hacking and everything else that makes geeks passionate. We want to share these things with our kids, and ensure they know that being different is the best thing in the world.

Make your Ideas Happen!


At Arizona State University's College of Technology and Innovation we make ideas happen. Come check out example projects from our innovative students. Make something yourself!

MAKE’s Young Makers Program


Young Makers, co-founded by MAKE's founder Dale Dougherty just completed it's third year. The program exists nationally, but Young Makers has taken off in the Bay Area. Come hear our story from California and how you can start your own group!

Make.SI, a Staten Island Hackerspace


Lock pick stand made from new and recycled materials. Book scanner made from old flatbed scanner. SeeMe 3D Printer.

Maker Corps: Cultivating Makers and Creativity in Our Pilot Year and Beyond


This hybrid presentation/ panel will include 10 minutes of a presentation and videos about Maker Corps, followed by a 15 minute Q & A with a panel of 2013 Maker Corps Mentors and Host Site representatives.

Join us in celebrating a spectacular pilot year and for information about the future of Maker Corps, including opportunities for new Host Sites and Maker Corps Members for 2014!

Making We Are Makers


We Are Makers is a short documentary introducing the people and places taking making mainstream. We'll share the way the film has sparked discussions about learning by doing in K-20 education and directed planning for a university makerspace.



Microsoft provides foundational technologies that allow people to learn new abilities, create new software, and control the emerging world of computer controlled manufacturing devices.

The Microsoft tent at Maker Faire New York will interactively demonstrate how Microsoft technologies and partners help enable people to create "workshops of the future" and realize their full potential as makers. Interactive demonstrations within our tent include easy 3D Printing from Windows 8.1, the touch-friendly programming of TouchDevelop, exciting full-size Boxing Robots, kids creating theatrical animatronic presentations, various microcontrollers, and DIY video games from Project Spark.

My Journey with MAKE


Here I'll tell more... To be updated

NASA Centennial Challenges


Centennial Challenges is NASA's multi-million-dollar prize competition program that engages citizen inventors, academia and small businesses to solve problems that benefit NASA and the nation. Program Manager Sam Ortega will be speaking in a panel discussion — NASA: Challenging America To Invent — and the program will have an exhibit space throughout the event.


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