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3D Body Scanning


I made a 3d body scanner for my final last year at school. I just took it to SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, CA. Everyone really liked it. I can scan you in 3d and then print you out with a 3d printer. You get a action figure of yourself!

Batterie-en-Valise: music for two percussionists and five suitcases


Part found-object sound sculpture, part new music performance, and part interactive conversation about human relationships with objects. A set of vintage suitcases mount dangling curiosities & repurposed harmonic assemblages.

Concerto No. 1


Concerto No. 1 explores whether a Robot can trigger the same reactions of euphoria and inspiration as a Contemporary Piece of Dance.rnrnIs writing a Piece of Code equivalent to writing a Choreography?rn

Cooperative Phonograph inside Mylar Dome


Flynn's Cooperative Phonograph uses forgotten 19th century audio tech in a sculpted experience cooperative that fosters a sense of community in public spaces.

Digital Being


Digital Being is an invisible and formless creature born from technological garbage. It reveals itself through an atypical movement or an interaction according to the machinery that it dominates.

Frankenbike and friends


Home built recumbent bicycles that break with tradition. (even by recumbent standards). Come try Blendy, a human powered blender.

Garden of Lights and Solar-powered Draw-bots


Create light-up plants and moving animals for our "garden" u2013 using cardboard, string and pipe cleaners, AND/OR build a solar-powered draw-bot out of found objects that will design the base of our "garden".

Giant Dynamic Interactive Origami Sculpture


My project is a giant motorized origami sculpture. This sculpture is made out of a single sheet of folded paper, wires and various electronic components.

Hacking the Kinect for artistic projects


Hacking the Kinect using open source software. Come see interactive artwork which uses the Kinect as an input.

Hape Quadrilla


"Hape is a world-wide leader in designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children's products made from sustainable materials. The eco-friendly company was established in 1986 in Germany by founder and CEO Peter Handstein. Handstein has a knack for toy design. He uncovered and eventually bought Quadrilla, the ""smarty pants"" and Oppenheim Platinum Award winner of wooden marble runs.

Quadrilla is not a one-time build-and-play toy. It's a system of multi-colored blocks u2013 each with its own function u2013 that can be combined with short or long, curved or straight rails that children use to build a "contraption of sorts". The completed structure is a working marble run and the builder is in charge of its design. Quadrilla is the "smarty pants" of marble run systems on the market today. It operates on kinetic, rather than gravitational, energy.

Eager to build and play with Quadrilla and break away from designing, Wilfried Braun, Quadrilla inventory, jumped at the chance to demonstrate how it works at the Hape Quadrilla booth during the World Maker Faire. "

Interactive Projection Mapping


We shoot projectors at moving objects with precision! Watch us project animation and texture on a rotating object with precision as we unveil our newest technology we are excited to share.

Kinetic Ontology: Sound Assemblages by Eric Farber


A forgotten flywheel is a giant music box; a Victorian sewing machine treadle plays a melody on Art Deco film reels - Eric Farber juxtaposes relics of old industry to build sonic and performative sculpture.



Fuse VJ is an interactive performance tools for visual expression that extends gestural movement of the performer into a visual projection on top of the performer in realtime.

Mechanical Artillery 101….Yes, You can be a Siege Engineer.


Catapults have existed for over 2,000 years, and have changed significantly over the years, from the complexity of a Ballista with its two rope bundles and complex winches, to the simplicity of a traction Trebuchet, or a sling shot
On the practical side, you will leave having started down the road towards designing and constructing your own backyard weaponry



Microsoft provides foundational technologies that allow people to learn new abilities, create new software, and control the emerging world of computer controlled manufacturing devices.

The Microsoft tent at Maker Faire New York will interactively demonstrate how Microsoft technologies and partners help enable people to create "workshops of the future" and realize their full potential as makers. Interactive demonstrations within our tent include easy 3D Printing from Windows 8.1, the touch-friendly programming of TouchDevelop, exciting full-size Boxing Robots, kids creating theatrical animatronic presentations, various microcontrollers, and DIY video games from Project Spark.

Moving Along


Eric Hagan is an interactive and kinetic artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He will present on his experience designing and building custom machines and kinetic sculptures.

Orbital Rendersphere


The Orbital Rendersphere is a massive spherical display. Over 250 LED's spin at over 450 RPM to suspend planets, games, and visuals in midair.

Power Biker


How much power can you generate? Enough to watch TV? Charge your phone? How about run a fridge? Pedal and find out. This carnival game is built with 100% reclaimed bicycles and is bike transported.



Refined is a food safe sugar based electromechanical kinetic sculpture. Utilizing digital fabrication and mold making techniques, Refined represents a few select stages from the manufacturing process for refining sugar.

Robotic Pets


Meet Adventure Ball, a robotic pet about the size of a basketball and cursed with an excess of personality.


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