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Air-crafts, Hovercrafts & Quadcopters for the Masses!


Learn all about the physics of flight, basic circuitry, Arduinos and controlling motors by building your own cheap, easy to build, open-source, fully-functional air-crafts, hovercrafts & quadcopters. Come build one with us! Also come learn about our kickstarter project, TeslaTruck, a mobile maker-space for the masses!

Digi International


Digi International is the M2M expert, combining products and services as end-to-end solutions to drive business efficiencies. Digi provides the industry's broadest range of wireless products, a cloud computing platform tailored for devices and development services to help customers get to market fast with wireless devices and applications. Digi's entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application, anywhere in the world. For more information, visit Digi's website at

Maker Collaboration: The Air Rocket Glider


Maker West meets Maker East! Rick and Keith have been working on this project together for a major project in an upcoming issue of MAKE Magazine. They'll be meeting for the first time at WMF NY for the first time to give a sneak peak of their project. They will not just be talking about the Air Rocket Glider (ARG), but demoing it as well!



Founded in 2009, Brooklyn-based MakerBot has grown to be the global leader in desktop 3D printing. At World Maker Faire MakerBot will be demonstrating the brand new MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner and Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

My Journey with MAKE


Here I'll tell more... To be updated

Transforming Air Rocket Glider


Come check out the Transforming Air Rocket Glider that launches straight up like a rocket, opens its wings, then glides down as a plane!


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