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AeroQuad – The open source multicopter project!


The AeroQuad is an open source quadcopter/multicopter project which provides freely available software and hardware designs, with a friendly and helpful online community since 2009. Turn your Arduino into a flying quacopter!

Air-crafts, Hovercrafts & Quadcopters for the Masses!


Learn all about the physics of flight, basic circuitry, Arduinos and controlling motors by building your own cheap, easy to build, open-source, fully-functional air-crafts, hovercrafts & quadcopters. Come build one with us! Also come learn about our kickstarter project, TeslaTruck, a mobile maker-space for the masses!

Brooklyn Aerodrome


Come build your own aircraft and enter our contest for longest flight and weight carrying capacity. Build a glider and get to fly a Flack (Flying + Hack) RC airplane.

Deezmaker 3D Printers


Deezmaker manufactures the popular and robust Bukobot 3D Printer and Bukito Portable 3D Printer starting at $699. We pride ourselves in making quality products. We were the first walk-in retail 3D printer store and hackerspace on the west coast providing 3D printers, 3D printing services, classes and 3D printing supplies to the Los Angeles area.

Digi International


Digi International is the M2M expert, combining products and services as end-to-end solutions to drive business efficiencies. Digi provides the industry's broadest range of wireless products, a cloud computing platform tailored for devices and development services to help customers get to market fast with wireless devices and applications. Digi's entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application, anywhere in the world. For more information, visit Digi's website at

Farm Hack-a community for resilient agriculture


Farm Hack is about enabling sustainable farms to build, create, or obtain the scale appropriate tools they need. We bring together farmers and makers together to document tool online and in person.

Farm Hack: A Community for Open-Source Farm Tool Innovation


Farm Hack is about enabling sustainable farms to build, create, or obtain the scale appropriate tools they need. We bring together farmers and makers together to document tool online and in person.n nWe are excited to engage more Makers with our community, to show them how we've taken open-source principles and applied them to farm tools. We hope to inspire Makers to channel some of their energies into projects that can help solve problems faced by their local farm and to attend Farm Hack events in their region!

Floid Autonomous Mission Drone


The Floid Autonomous Mission Drone is a complete system utilizing an on-board Android mission controller, Arduino hardware controller, off the shelf helicopters with full mission server and test & tuning bench.



Gotham laboratories has designed a quad coptor based robot that will autonomously map the surface of a mock asteroid.

NASA: Challenging America To Invent


We are looking for those who are willing to walk a new path. NASA's Centennial Challenges competitions program offers multi-million dollar prizes to citizen inventors. NASA's successful prize program has contributed innovative solutions to NASA problems by reaching out to nontraditional audiences. The spirit of the maker is akin to the spirit of our program.

Purina ONE


Visitors to the Purina ONE booth at Maker Faire will have the opportunity to create and invent their own do-it-yourself (DIY) puzzle feeder projects to help enrich the feeding experiences of their cats; gather inspiration from the DIY wall u2013 a gallery of projects created from Purina ONE's cat community; and interact with a fun and shareable area at the booth. What you feed your cat is just as important as HOW you feed your cat. Cats are designed to hunt for their food, and while domestic cats have it much easier they still benefit from the stimulation that comes from the hunt. Incorporating a puzzle feeder in addition to a bowl encourages your cat to work for her food, stimulating her mind and body and helping her live her True Nature.

The Intelligent Mobile Projector (IMP)


The IMP is an experiment in novel forms of mixed-reality and human robot interaction by combining advances in robotics and projector-camera research. The IMP is able project almost anywhere using its pan-tilt-move interface.


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