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3D Printed Paintings of Nanomolecularity


3D printed molecular models and paint on plexiglass.

DNA Makers


We are a family that enjoy making DNA models and crafts that are educational, artistic and fun to play for children as well as for adults. The models are built using LEGO pieces, paper, PVC pipes, knitting materials and LED

EMG controlled prosthetic hand


EMG controlled robotic hand - with intuitive individual digit control and pattern recognition

Genomikon: Genetic Engineering for Everyone


Come try out genetic engineering! Learn how to design and build your own bacteria, and teach them to make colors, smells, etc. It's biotechnology in a box!

Home-Scale Biodiesel Production


How to convert used cooking oil into fuel for use inrnunmodified diesel engines, modified heating oil burners, and tuned turbine engines. As well as how to make your own processor using commonly available hardware.

Makers and the Future of Prosthetic Devices


This EMG controlled robotic hand was just a project - shown at Maker Faire - until earlier this year. Now, it is on its way to become a consumer product, at a fraction of the cost of today's "advanced prosthetics."

MindRider and the Maker’s Brain


MindRider is a brain-reading bike helmet developed at the MIT Media Lab that converts a cyclist's EEG levels into an LED display. It also geo-locates the EEG data so that cyclists can review their "Experience Maps" later. For Maker Faire, Catherine Cramer and Stephen Uzzo of the NY Hall of Science will place MindRiders on various Makers throughout the Faire to study the "Maker's Brain." We'll show and discuss our findings during the presentation.

Rutgers University Makerspaces/NJ Makerspace Assoc


We provide innovative learning spaces that put the student first, and encourage them to have an entrepreneurial spirit that is supported by the Rutgers University Community and NJ Community of Makers.

The New Flesh Workshop: DIY Super-Humans


The New Flesh Workshop has spent the last 5 years adapting prosthetic fabrication techniques and developing new processes for creating high strength composite armor systems, custom prosthetic modifications for extreme lifestyles . We will present several of our custom ballistic composite materials as well as demonstrate our new armor system. We will also have a slide presentation of several of our custom prosthetic and orthotic devices.


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