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Afinia sells the award-winning H-Series Desktop 3D Printer, which was named by Make Magazine as "Best Overall Experience", "Easiest To Set Up" and "Easiest To Use". The Afinia has an industry-leading 1-year warranty and real, live, honest-to-goodness telephone support.



Autodesk 123D is free software integrated with content and fabrication services. At Maker Faire NY Autodesk will be hosting a hands on makerspace where participants can have hands on experiences with our free apps and 3d printers. We also will be hosting an educational hack-a-thon where educators will be answering the question ""How do you use a 3D printer in your classroom?



Scared of Surface Mount Components? At Maker Faire, Beta LAYOUT will be taking the fear out of SMD assembly for hobbyists and small batch electronics. At our workshop, you will assemble and reflow a PCB to make a flashing badge. Our workstation is easy, safe and can make your workbench into a professional assembly line.

Beta LAYOUT has been servicing hobbyists, designers and students for over 20 years with PCBs and other components for electronic designers. By combining our many orders we have cut costs, eliminated tooling and shared the savings with designers globally. Prototypes made easy, as our 30,000 customers might say.

Collage Paper Dolls


Mixed media and collage paper doll stencils that allow you to easily create beautiful paper dolls from scraps of paper, fabric and ribbons!



ComposiMold Re-Usable Mold Making Material: Just Re-Melt to Re-Use. Make your own unique molds and castings



EarthMake is a division of Earth Computer Technologies, Inc. a maker of industrial and embedded LCD products. EarthMake's vision is to introduce EarthLCD technology to the Maker Market through special products, application and special end of life deals on LCD displays and electronics to control them. The award winning ezLCD technology from EarthLCD, is the basis of the first EarthMake product. At the World Maker Fair in 2012 we introduce the arLCD (formerly ArduinoLCD) to the Maker marketplace. The arLCD combines the EarthLCD award wining ezLCD smart LCD technology with an Arduino UNO for only $89. We feel that the ability to integrate a color touchscreen GUI into a project will draw more people into the Maker and Arduino marketplaces. While the first product we hope to offer affordable LCD solutions of all kinds to the Maker marketplace.

Everyone becomes an underwater explorer!


Explorers Wanted. Only 5% of what lives in the oceans has been discovered, yet oceans cover 70% of the earth. We make cost effective underwater tools that allows anyone to search down to 9,000ft without getting wet. Join us

Fashionistas: Students creating and constructing!


Fashionistas from The High School of Fashion Industries will model their colorful, artistic fashion creations that were created at a NYC Career and Technical Education public high school in Chelsea.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon


We support ingenuity and the thinkers who use "remaking" to fulfill an individual vision, not only with the Ford Connect, but with anything that can be transformed to support a personal lifestyle, hobby or home business. Visit us at



Formlabs makes the Form 1 3D-printer, a high-resolution desktop stereolithographic (SL) printer. Stop by to look at amazingly high-resolution parts, learn about designing your own complex assemblies, lightpipes, and other awesome pieces made possible with high-resolution SL printing!

GeekDad LLC

Exhibit and are the parenting sites for the geek generation. We love Dr. Who and gaming and electronics and food-hacking and everything else that makes geeks passionate. We want to share these things with our kids, and ensure they know that being different is the best thing in the world.

Hand Tools for Little Hands: Woodworking with Young Makers


NYSCI's Maker Space presents woodworking for makers of all ages. Families with young children are invited to explore hand tools and materials, practice using hammers, nails and sandpaper, and use their creative skills to design and build their own wooden creation.

Jimmy DiResta


Jimmy is the creator of a new MAKE video series called DiResta, which showcases Jimmy in the shop doing what he does best—following his muse and making magic with a shop-full of power tools, artisan's skill, and lots of flourish.

Lockpick Village – Presented by TOOOL


Want to tinker with locks and tools, the likes of which you've only seen in movies featuring cat burglars or secret agents? Then come to TOOOL's Lockpick Village, where you will learn hands-on how physical security operates.

Make it Awesome: How to Internet-Enable Your Project


Take your project from cool to absolutely awesome by adding an Internet connection! Joining your project to the Internet of Things can help you remotely monitor and control your project, turning your work into something even better than you originally imagined. We'll cover why the Internet of Things is such a big deal, plus how getting your project online can transform it and extend its reach. From connected vending to gallery management, we'll describe which projects are the perfect picks to enter the world of IoT. Learn how IoT connections can improve your project results, which technologies are right for you and the best places to start.

Maker Camp


Visit the Maker Camp exhibit to learn more about Maker Camp on Google+. Plus, make your own duct tape wallet, LED throwie, and more!



Founded in 2009, Brooklyn-based MakerBot has grown to be the global leader in desktop 3D printing. At World Maker Faire MakerBot will be demonstrating the brand new MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner and Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

Making Machines that Make


Tools are the transformers which adapt us to the material of our world. Stop by and learn how to build your own computer-controlled tools to automate something that you would otherwise do by hand.

Means to an End: The Convergence of Japanese and Western Woodworking Tools


Japanese and western woodworking traditions developed completely separately from each other, resulting in different styles, methods, and tools. But even with this parallel development, some striking similarities can be found between the two types of woodworking. This presentation will show how Japanese and western woodworking tools are often much more similar than they appear, with implications for makers looking for the best method of work.



Open source DLP 3D printer. High resolution 3D printer using UV curable resins and off the shelf DLP projector.x


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