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DIY Home Roasting Coffee


Roasting your own coffee is not only economical, it's awesome! We'll cover the basics of home roasting, including affordable equipment to get you started & tips on creating the perfect roast. Ends with samples for the audience and Q&A on the finer points of home roasting.

GoGoSqueez (Materne North America)


We're proud to be the leading squeezable, re-sealable, 100% fruit in a pouch. GoGo squeeZ's products are crafted with high-quality natural ingredients to provide wholesome goodness for sipping, squeezing and enjoying, wherever life takes you.

Pour-Steady and Blink Steady.


Pour Steady is a 2-axis robotic pour-over coffee maker that can efficiently sequence and make 5 delicious pour-over coffee's at a time.



Refined is a food safe sugar based electromechanical kinetic sculpture. Utilizing digital fabrication and mold making techniques, Refined represents a few select stages from the manufacturing process for refining sugar.


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