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Appessories: Bridging the Digital to the Physical with Bluetooth Technology


'Appcessories' enable people to interact with technology like never before by helping to customize and improve the experience on their tablets, smartphones and mobile devices. In this session, we'll cover several things.
What is an appcessory?
Potential market and how Bluetooth can enable your solutions
Overview of how to get started with Bluetooth technologies from a developer's point of viewnnCome and see how Bluetooth Smart can help you deliver amazing connected experiences to your creations!

Augmented Carousel


The Augmented Carousel is an ongoing collaboration with Mike Richison, Marina Vujnovic, and Ed Johnston. Using marker-based, augmented reality, people can now experience the Asbury Park Carousel anywhere on a mobile device.



Autodesk 123D is free software integrated with content and fabrication services. At Maker Faire NY Autodesk will be hosting a hands on makerspace where participants can have hands on experiences with our free apps and 3d printers. We also will be hosting an educational hack-a-thon where educators will be answering the question ""How do you use a 3D printer in your classroom?

BBot! The BeagleBone + FPGA remote control robot!


BBot! An open source, remote controlled, drink serving robot that features great examples of how to: interface hardware to a BeagleBone Black, use an FPGA cape, make a .NET GUI that links to the bot via XBee's and more!

Be the bits!


Experience our interactive maze to learn all about the daily life of bits and bytes! Very kid-friendly.

Cultivar’s RainCloud


RainCloud provides you comfort and joy by observing garden conditions, optimizing growing environments and sharing what you produce.

Deezmaker 3D Printers


Deezmaker manufactures the popular and robust Bukobot 3D Printer and Bukito Portable 3D Printer starting at $699. We pride ourselves in making quality products. We were the first walk-in retail 3D printer store and hackerspace on the west coast providing 3D printers, 3D printing services, classes and 3D printing supplies to the Los Angeles area.

Electron Discharger


The machine I have built is called the Electron Discharger. With a single touch I can discharge a static build up of electricity. The shock is enough to disable small devices and even corrupt data.

Electronic Frontier Foundation


EFF is the leading defender of online civil liberties. We promote innovator rights, defend free speech, fight illegal surveillance, and protect rights and freedoms as our use of technology grows.



Freematics stands for Free Telematics. The goal of this project is to make it possible, accessible, affordable to carry out all kinds of vehicle telematics projects with open-source hardware, more specifically Arduino.

GeekDad LLC

Exhibit and are the parenting sites for the geek generation. We love Dr. Who and gaming and electronics and food-hacking and everything else that makes geeks passionate. We want to share these things with our kids, and ensure they know that being different is the best thing in the world.

Hacking the Un-Hackable: How We Can Make the Entire World Interactive


With new electronic and rapid prototyping tools, cheap microprocessors and sensors, 3D printers and printed electronics the world around us can be hacked, twisted and extended with functionality that it is not supposed to have. Everyday physical objects, both living or artificial can be made interactive, responsive and digital: living plants that control music, human bodies that transmit sound, touch screens on water and 3D printed interactive eyes. We can enhance our world with new experiences and functionality that will educate, delight, entertain us and make our lives better in countless ways that are yet to be invented.

How.Do – Capturing DIY skills with Micro Guides


How.Do is a platform to capture and acquire DIY skills. Create your own Micro Guide on what you are making or be inspired by the thousands already created. We'll be at the Maker Faire publishing what the Makers are doing!



Kraftwurx provides a platform that empowers everyone to create, showcase, buy and sell personalized products with 3D printing. We envision a world where the power to create and manufacture is placed in the hands of everyday people.



Fuse VJ is an interactive performance tools for visual expression that extends gestural movement of the performer into a visual projection on top of the performer in realtime.

Make it Awesome: How to Internet-Enable Your Project


Take your project from cool to absolutely awesome by adding an Internet connection! Joining your project to the Internet of Things can help you remotely monitor and control your project, turning your work into something even better than you originally imagined. We'll cover why the Internet of Things is such a big deal, plus how getting your project online can transform it and extend its reach. From connected vending to gallery management, we'll describe which projects are the perfect picks to enter the world of IoT. Learn how IoT connections can improve your project results, which technologies are right for you and the best places to start.



Makeblock is an open source robot construction platform, most of parts included are made of strong aluminum extrusions, customers can use it to build many kinds of really cool robots, such as wheeled or tracked vechiles, robot arms,camera sliders, music robot, XY ploter even a 3D printer.
Makeblock controller in based on Arduino, and it's compatiable with many kinds industry standard parts, also compatiable with Lego bricks.



MatterHackers makes 3D Printing fun, easy, and useful. We will be demonstrating our world class 3D Printing software, MatterControl. MatterControl incorporates simple "plug and print" set up, drag and drop queuing, and a friendly user interface.



Microsoft provides foundational technologies that allow people to learn new abilities, create new software, and control the emerging world of computer controlled manufacturing devices.

The Microsoft tent at Maker Faire New York will interactively demonstrate how Microsoft technologies and partners help enable people to create "workshops of the future" and realize their full potential as makers. Interactive demonstrations within our tent include easy 3D Printing from Windows 8.1, the touch-friendly programming of TouchDevelop, exciting full-size Boxing Robots, kids creating theatrical animatronic presentations, various microcontrollers, and DIY video games from Project Spark.


Exhibit is a community dedicated to the support of Open Hardware utilizing Intelu00ae processors. Meet the MinnowBoard, an open hardware embedded board powered by an Intel(r) Atom(tm) processor. With exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards, the MinnowBoard can be used for simple maker projects, yet scales up to high workloads and ambitious embedded applications. Drop by our booth and see the MinnowBoard Fish Picker-Upper in action - a robotics and computer vision demo.


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