Autodesk 123D is free software integrated with content and fabrication services. At Maker Faire NY Autodesk will be hosting a hands on makerspace where participants can have hands on experiences with our free apps and 3d printers. We also will be hosting an educational hack-a-thon where educators will be answering the question ""How do you use a 3D printer in your classroom?

Automated Digital Photo Collage


Layering moment after moment of its own choosing, the Automated Digital Photo Collage creates a visual hoard:u00a0u00a0a decidedly nonhuman view of moments, which intrigues with its logic and strange algorithmic humor.u00a0



The B9Creator is an open source hardware/software high resolution 3D Printer. The B9Creator combines innovative methods with off the shelf DLP technology to produce parts that compare with machines costing thousands more. A wide range of photo-polymer based resins can be used to obtain the material properties desired. From resins that are suitable for lost wax casting applications to very reactive "fast grow" resins for quick proto-typing. No other machine comes close to offering the flexibility and low entry cost. Launched in early spring of 2012, the B9Creator has been delivered and is in use by hundreds of satisfied users already and enjoys the largest resin based printer user community anywhere. Don't wait any longer, get printing "hi-res" today!

Baby Bump Cookies, Inc.


My Brooklyn based company sells unique, crisp, and egg-free chocolate chip cookies.

Baltimore Burners Go Karts


"Liability Risk" and the "BaHa buggy" are two $500 go karts built from modified Power Wheels chassis. These karts were built with help from Baltimore Hackerspace, a 501c(3) hackerspace based out of Rosedale MD.

Bard Rock


Shakespeare in concert. Bard Rock reappropriates the conventions of Renaissance theater to create a show that is fun and accessible for all ages. Think of us as modern traveling minstrels.

Bash the Trash Demo Show


Bash the Trash builds, performs and educates with instruments made from reused materials. Our performers will take participants on a journey of science, sound and sustainability, using demonstration, hands-on participation and group performance. Audience members will learn how instruments work and how to make and experiment with their own.

Batterie-en-Valise: music for two percussionists and five suitcases


Part found-object sound sculpture, part new music performance, and part interactive conversation about human relationships with objects. A set of vintage suitcases mount dangling curiosities & repurposed harmonic assemblages.

Battery-less smart universal remote


Energy harvesting battery-less remote, based on the ultra low-power ARMu00ae Cortexu00ae-M0+ processor powering an E-Ink screen and other smart features.

BBot! The BeagleBone + FPGA remote control robot!


BBot! An open source, remote controlled, drink serving robot that features great examples of how to: interface hardware to a BeagleBone Black, use an FPGA cape, make a .NET GUI that links to the bot via XBee's and more!

Be the bits!


Experience our interactive maze to learn all about the daily life of bits and bytes! Very kid-friendly.

BeagleBone Black: Control the Physical World with Bonescript


BeagleBone Black is a $45, 1GHz ARM computer that ships with a Linux distribution on its on-board 2GB flash and has extensive I/O capabilities. I'll demonstrate how easily one can wire up LEDs, buttons & sensors using Bonescript in a browser-based IDE called Cloud9. BoneScript is a Javascript Node.js library which features familiar Arduino function calls. Your Bonescript code will be interacting with the physical world in no time, whether you have experience with Arduino, web development or none at all! Reference blog post:

    Behind the Scenes at Consumer Reports


    Get a chance to talk to our experts and see some of our test equipment. Learn about our organization/mission. Find out how we have empowered consumers to make better buying decisions for over 75 years.

    Beta LAYOUT Ltd


    Scared of Surface Mount Components? At Maker Faire, Beta LAYOUT will be taking the fear out of SMD assembly for hobbyists and small batch electronics. At our workshop, you will assemble and reflow a PCB to make a flashing badge. Our workstation is easy, safe and can make your workbench into a professional assembly line.

    Beta LAYOUT has been servicing hobbyists, designers and students for over 20 years with PCBs and other components for electronic designers. By combining our many orders we have cut costs, eliminated tooling and shared the savings with designers globally. Prototypes made easy, as our 30,000 customers might say.

    Better Off Spread


    Gourmet small batch, artisanal nut butters in a variety of spicy, sweet and savory flavors, hand made in Brooklyn, New York.

    bhold: Responsive Product Design in Action via 3D Printing


    It's time for consumer manufacturing to speed up to meet consumer needs. Beyond rapid prototyping, 3D printing will allow product cycles to speed up, which will lead to better, more innovative products. Designers can be more responsive to consumer feedback, bringing us to a new era of responsive product design. 3D printing allows anyone to map an idea from concept to production more quickly than before and with direct feedback from consumers
    New design startup bhold will illustrate with prototypes, demos & showcase of final products.

    Bigshot Camera for Education


    This is a DIY digital camera that has been designed to expose kids to science concepts and the art of photography.

    Bigshot: The Digital Camera for Education


    Hear the story of Bigshot, a DIY digital camera kit, that was developed at Columbia University and is now a commercial product. Inventor Shree Nayar will review the motivation behind the camera, the design process and the online educational experience.

    Bike Zoo


    The Bike Zoo combines the simplicity of pedal-power, with the animation of puppets . We take the world to a fantasy land of giant animals, where anything is possible with the power of your own legs and some imagination.

    Bilbao: the Next Guggenheim Effect is the Maker Effect


    Industrial skills, very horizontal and cooperativist structures and one of southern Europe's first Mini Maker Faires... the maker movement is finding its way in Bilbao, changing the soul of the city in the same way the Guggenheim did a decade ago.


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