World Maker Faire New York 2013

X-Winder, LLC

X-Winder is debuting, for the first time ever, its flagship product called the X-Winder at the NYC Maker Faire. The X-Winder is a filament winder that builds carbon fiber parts at 90% less cost than equivalent commercially available parts, like tubes, beams, supports and other ultra-strong, lightweight applications. Think of the X-Winder like a 3D printer - it deposits layer after layer of carbon fiber, fiberglass or other high tensile filament on a rotating mandrel to additively manufacture very strong, lightweight parts. BUT, unlike plastic 3D printer parts, X-Winder parts can be used in demanding high performance applications that require great strength and light weight. Filament winding has been around for decades in the aerospace business, but only on a huge scale, with machines so big they take up the entire shop floor. Now, the X-Winder brings this same proven manufacturing technology to the desktop and a smaller scale for makers and hobbyists who can now share in the immense cost savings and superior parts manufacturing capability.

X-Winder is an emerging manufacturing technology company with the stated mission to create affordable, cutting edge manufacturing methods and machines that dramatically lower the cost of entry to own and produce commercial grade aerospace related products.

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