Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

World Record Paper Airplanes

The Paper Airplane Guy teaches the world record breaking paper airplane, and demonstrates dozens of others.

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About the Maker

John Collins, The Paper Airplane Guy

On February 26, 2012 Joe Ayoob threw a John Collins designed paper airplane 226 feet and 10 inches; far enough to land in the Guinness World Record book. It was the throw seen around the world on YouTube (3.2 million views) and on every major television and cable network. And now the book documenting the journey and folding instructions has been released: The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book. From Chicago to St. Louis and San Francisco to Singapore; John Collins has been wowing audiences with his paper airplane prowess. Author of The Gliding Flight and Fantastic Flight, John has explained the science behind the fun to luminaries at some of the biggest silicon valley companies including Google, Intuit and Genentech. For more than 40 years, John has been folding and flying paper airplanes. The art of origami has been influencing his designs for the last three decades. He borrows techniques that help create the perfect balance inside the most efficient airfoils; co-opting both ancient and recent developments to create amazing flying machines from paper. Dubbed u201cThe Paper Airplane Guyu201d by countless event security people, John finally gave in to the moniker; creating a website and iPhone App that echoed the street wisdom. John now appears world wide as The Paper Airplane Guy, bringing a brand of science equirey, laced with benign rebellion, to approving audiences. This year marks his seventh consecutive Maker Faire as a marquee performer (his second appearance as the world record holder) and his fifth year traveling to Singapore as a featured presenter. Through all the shows, there is a serious message amid the folds; science is important stuff. His frequentyly irreverant style always makes room for defferential treatment of real, structured enquirey into why things fly. John is the author of two previous works of paper airplane importance that are currently in print: The Gliding Flight and Fantastic Flight. John lives with his wife of 27 years in Sausalito, California. He also windsurfs, flies stunt kites, and throws boomerangs when taking a break from creating world class paper airplanes.