Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Makerspaces for Everyone: Six Women’s Stories

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Saturday5:00 PM6:00 PM

Are you curious about makerspaces but find yourself hesitant to get involved? Worried that you're not techy/geeky/artsy/etc.enough to fit in? Feel like there are barriers, although you're not quite sure how to define them? We felt this way too, at first, but now we would like to help you work through these concerns. Please join us as we share our stories of how being members, instructors, board members and founders of makerspaces have changed what and how we make and why we want you to be involved, too.

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Tamara Clammer is the Doer: Maker Advocate at Brown Paper Tickets. Her mission is to help build sustainable Maker communities through connecting, learning and teaching. Tamara is a leather mask maker, organizer of the Seattle Leatherworking Meetup, board member at Jigsaw Renaissance, and member/instructor at FabLab Tacoma.

Andrea Foertsch

Andrea Foertsch is the Principal at Disruptive Space and moderated several panels at the recent 'How to Make a Makerspace' conference. With a background in commercial real estate, she helps building owners reposition their spaces as incubators, coworking spaces and makerspaces.

Fay Shaw

Fay Shaw of bitwise E-textiles, is an engineer and crafter who has found e-textiles to be the perfect intersection of her interests. On the crafting side, Fay likes to knit, spin, and sew. She created her firefly e-textiles kit to be an interactive plush and uses it in her e-textiles workshop at Metrix: Create Space in Seattle. On the engineering side, Fay is the CTO of Play Works Studio, a company dedicated to creating robot toys and games for education

Beth Kolko

Beth Kolko is a Professor in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. Her academic history includes a background in rhetoric, cultural studies, and online communities. She runs the Design for Digital Inclusion (DDI) lab at UW. DDI researches diversity and technology from a design perspective. Beth started Hackademia in an attempt to bring the habits of mind of hackers and makers into the university setting. Beth is fascinated by creativity, innovation, and how a new perspective on an old problem can be a game changer.

Sho Sho Smith

Sho Sho Smith is the Founder and President of Mothership HackerMoms. She worked professionally for 15 years as a business writer for Fortune 500 companies in finance, technology and retail industries before she went rogue. She is a corporate dropout turned social entrepreneur, MFA turned freelance writer, design lover turned hacker/maker and former militant anti-breeder. Her motto for HackerMoms, for herself, and her two young daughters is 'Be a Pattern for the World'. She founded Mothership HackerMoms in the midst of her husband's battle with cancer, when she needed a positive project that reinforced her values of creativity, community and motherhood. HackerMoms saved her life, and by extension, her family's life.

Alex Glowaski

Alex Glowaski is the lead tech support engineer at Sauce Labs and a founder of ProtoTank, a hardware prototyping startup based in TechShop SF. She builds robots, electronic instruments, and wearable tech, sharing this experience through her projects-focused blog at Through her passionate talks on subjects from DIY audio tech to cyborgs, as well as workshops from printing shirts to constructing languages, Alex champions open hardware and excitement in education. She is proud to give back through her service as a boardmember at two hackerspaces (formerly AHA in Ann Arbor, and currently Noisebridge in San Francisco), and to be a voice for the hacker ethic and technological agency everywhere.