World Maker Faire New York 2013


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Saturday2:30 PM3:00 PM

Valence(Tom De Smedt, Lieven Menschaert and Ludivine Lechat, 2011) is an interactive installation that represents the player's affect (relaxation or arousal) by measuring alpha brain waves, using a wireless EEG headset. The headset prototype is developed by Imec (BE) and Holst Centre (NL). It consists of eight dry electrodes and a wireless broadcaster.Using NodeBox for OpenGL, we developed a game environment that interprets the alpha and valence state of your brain. In a follow-up project we've expanded our setup with ambient lighting. We used a home automation server to control the lighting's intensity based on the player's affect.

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lieven menschaert — researcher

EMRG / Experimental Media Research Group

Valence is a collaborative effort by EMRG (Tom De Smedt & Lieven Menschaert), IMEC (Imke Debecker), Holst Centre (Bernard Grundlehner, Michel Noorloos & Julien Penders) and Ludivine Lechat (art).

Tom De Smedt — researcher

EMRG / Experimental Media Research Group

Tom De Smedt has a doctoral degree in arts, a master's degree in audiovisual arts and a bachelor's degree in software engineering. He is affiliated with the Computational Linguistics Research Group (C