Maker Faire Bay Area 2014


UseYourHead is a robot controlled by a MindWave headband. Instead of using an Arduino we are using an NXT Lego controller. The MindWave headband will be able to read your brain waves, which will tell the robot what to do.


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Jarelly Martin

Jarelly Martin is a Junior at LCCS. She is very interested in engineering, specifically computer science. She started a club with her friend called Girls Who Code to teach other how to code.

Karina Martinez

Karina Martinez is a Junior at LCCS. She is interested in health and technology that will ease the lives of humans.

Nancy Vuong

Nancy Vuong is a Junior at LCCS who is interested in trying new things. She is currently a TA for the 9th grade science teacher and is interested in the medical field, biotechnology, and immunology.

Anna Bui

Anna is a junior at Lighthouse Community Charter School. She is currently involved with programming a mind control robot with three other girls.

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