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Under Sea Voyager Project

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The story behind the Undersea Voyager Project and how we built our own submarine leveraging open source electronics to support our mission of DIY science.



Scott Reed

Scott Reed is a lifelong mechanical designer and inventor. Scott graduated from Napa Valley College with a degree in Mechanical Design, which led to his designing dental chairs, LASIK chairs, medical equipment, robotic arms, and subsequently becoming the lead mechanical designer for the original Quest ROV, where he became passionate about ocean research. Scott is also a certified locksmith, including bank vaults, and a certified high-power lineman. He was co-owner of a wireless network "hot-spot" company in Austin, Texas, and is also certified for satellite internet installation. Scott has a ceaseless passion for inventing and making. He has built a Monster Bug and a sand-rail, converted a Miata into a race car, which he subsequently raced, and rebuilt a motorhome. He designed and oversaw construction for a coffee shop in a historic building and helped in the reconstruction of his parents' home, which is a historic landmark. He built a CNC machine, subsequent to which he took classes and received a degree in CNC Programming from Modesto Junior College. Scott's passion for ecological preservation, alongside his passion for mechanical design and invention, has led him to join the UVP team. When Scott Cassell presented the idea of remodeling UVP's K-250 submarine, the Great White, Scott went to work designing Cassell's ideas in Solid Works. Since Scott's first CNC machine was not large enough to cut out the components for the new Great White, he used his first CNC machine to make a second, much larger CNC machine. With these tools made, Scott subsequently created the new Great White. Scott is looking forward to active participation with UVP, piloting the new Great White submarine, providing diver support from the sub, and increasing public awareness of the critical conditions of the oceans.

Scott Cassell — CEO

Undersea Voyager Project

In addition Scott is a (former) Advanced Diving Medical Technician Instructor, Commercial Diving Instructor, and Hyperbaric Medical Technician Instructor at the College Of Oceaneering. He is a (former) U.S. Navy qualified Diving Medical Technician, Diving Supervisor, Modular Amphibious Egress Trainer Instructor and Aircrew Breathing Device Instructor for the USMC. He served in both the US Navy and Army, most recently as a MedEvac Helicopter Flight Instructor and Combat Life Saver Instructor. For several years he was a Private Contractor for 'high risks regions' providing service as a combat diver, reconnaissance, rifleman and sniper. Scott was the first person in the world to film the Giant Squid in the wild (which aired on a History Channel program in 2007. During his 30+ year love affair with the sea he has watched her begin to die and subsequently developed an international project called the Undersea Voyager Project to privatize Ocean Science and empower the public to perform studies. Using his submersible to perform research dives to investigate why the sea is dying, trace the cause and working with an international consortium of scientists and Youth Ambassadors and place facts & findings on global access media like 'You Tube' for the world to see. This will empower the global audience to get involved and influence the Ocean's future (rather than just special interest, fisheries, energy concerns and shipping). Scott also intends to relay his findings to the world via a myriad of documentaries. In 1993 Scott began a campaign to hunt & film marine life poachers using SpecOps Combat Dive and Sniper techniques (called rECOn Missions) to collect images of their illegal activities and turn the over the evidence-footage to officials. So far (at least) 11 people have been convicted. Operations continue to this day.


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