Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

The World is a Construction Kit

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Sunday12:30 PM1:00 PMNo Video Available

Here's a secret, the real construction kit doesn't come in a box. The real construction kit is the world all around you (and even your own self). Are bananas piano keys? Is a water faucet a theremin? What can we learn from Andy Goldsworthy when he uses icicles like Legos? I'm doing research with MIT, JoyLabz, and Intel to try to find out how people can see the world as changeable, and see themselves as the changers.



Jay Silver — Maker Research Scientist

Intel Labs

Jay Silver is Founder/Director of JoyLabz and is a Maker Research Scientist at Intel Labs. He made many creative platforms such as MaKey MaKey (Kickstarted for $500,000) and Drawdio (Time's Top 15 Toys for Young Geniuses). Jay has been a speaker at many TEDx events and PopTech, exhibited at many museums, and run many workshops. He studied for his PhD at MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten where his thesis topic was "The World is a Construction Kit."


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