Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

The Stig Racing Team

Am I the real Stig or a fake Stig? Lets see how I drive and you can be the judge.

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About the Maker

The Stig

a maker from overseas is here to set things straight

Other exhibits in this group:

Nimby Power Wheels Racing

Nimby's entry for the Power Racing Series

Daft Junk

Daft Junk recycles a defunct Power Wheels racer, rebuilds it with surplus motors and freebies...and races it against other like-minded Makers.

Team Kiss My Snake

Combat robot builders gone racing!!!

PPPRS Racing Series Dragon Wagon

The ultimate in fire power, the Dragon Wagon will heat things up at the PPPRS Racing Series.

Radlamp Race Team

With a Power Wheels toy car, a salvaged go-kart frame, some batteries and countless hours in a garage, we have created an electric race vehicle.

Robots and Racing

Sierra College Robotics is part of the Sierra College Mechatronics Program in Rocklin California. We build systems that involve electronics, mechanics, and computer control.rnrn

The Stig Racing Team

Am I the real Stig or a fake Stig? Lets see how I drive and you can be the judge.

PowerWheels Racer Team NCC1702

We are working on emerging technologies and want to popularize electric vehicles by racing them in the powerwheels races at makerfaire.

RADLAMP Power Wheels Car

We have taken a toddler's Power Wheel Mustang car along with a scrapped out go-cart frame we found at recycling center and combined the two, along with other modifications, to accommodate an adult sized driver for racing.

Power Racing Series

Start with $500 and a Power Wheel. (Or any electric kids' ride on vehicle.) Get some new batteries. A new motor. Heck, some nice new tires. Tie LEDs to the hood. Sprinkle it with glitter. Maybe a feather for class.

3D Print this Car

They said 'You Wouldn't Download a Car'! Well now you can!

Powerwheels Racing - Team Hellamatics

Team Hellamatics Power Wheels RacingrnrnJust a bunch of mad engineers with a penchant for fast things we could hurt ourselves driving

Nimby Power Wheels Racing

Nimby Power Wheels Racing Ferrari F430.

Mock 1

In 1984 I had a '73 Mustang Fastback with a 302. I pretended it was a Mach 1, and even added stickers... but alas, Mach 1s had a different grill design. So I present to you... Mock 1! Complete with 24v and a honeycomb grill!


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