World Maker Faire New York 2013

The Rise of the Design Lab: Hacking and Making in a Professional Environment

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Sunday5:00 PM5:30 PMNo Video Available

Carla Diana discusses the triumphs and challenges of building the Smart Interaction Lab at Smart Design. A design lab promotes experimenting and encourages sharing what we learn in the process. While it can require political maneuvering to get started, and circus-level juggling to balance with client projects, once established, it can become an organization's secret weapon. The lab promotes future-specting, open-ended exploration, builds community, and gives the outside world a glimpse of what makes the company tick.



Carla Diana — Smart Fellow

Smart Design

Carla Diana is a design and product innovator focused on the intersection of the physical and the digital. She is Fellow at the innovation firm Smart Design where she runs the Smart Interaction Lab.


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