Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

The Metamorphosis Project

The Metamorphosis Installation by Alex Andre is a circular portal with a spinning semi-reflective disk through which participants face each other to create ever-changing combinations or self images in real time.

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About the Maker

Alex Andre Metamorphosis

Alex Andre is a French & American artist interested in the relation between human consciousness and our modern times. After moving from Paris to Venice, he worked with a panel of artists and architects in the Venice community on various sculptural pieces and numerous metal works for city & corporate infrastructures. Alex's passion for painting followed him to the US where he began to incorporate textures and fundamental geometric shapes to translate his vivid dreamscapes. Inspired by the geometry embedded in physics and nature, he later dimensionalised the geometric symbols and shapes from his paintings into sculptural pieces using raw materials such as, wood, stone, metals and glass. Through his efforts to express balance and harmony found in universal dualities Alex started to incorporate dynamic elements into his work, which led to a series of commissioned functional pieces as well as lighting & interactive art installations. Alex Andre's art is constantly evolving to convey deeper levels of connectivity between our being and our surroundings.