Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

The Art of Tinkering

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Sunday11:30 AM12:00 PMCenter StageWatch Video

At the Exploratorium we see tinkering as a serious endeavor; at its most basic -- a process that marries play and inquiry. When you're tinkering, you're trying something that you don't quite know how to do -- guided by whim, imagination and curiosity. You're not following step-by-step directions and the outcome isn't predetermined. You're attempting to figure out how things work and continuously iterating. A tinkerer's disposition u2013 essential for innovation and education, develops over time. We'll share stories of Makers who have informed our work over the years and playful ways of combining art, science and technology.

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Karen Wilkinson — Co-Directors, The Tinkering Studiou2122


Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich -- Authors of The Art of Tinkering and co-founders of the Tinkering Studiou2122 at the Exploratorium.

Mike Petrich — same