Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

String from Sticks!

DayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationsVideo Coverage
Sunday11:00 AM11:25 AMMaker Square StageNo Video Available

Stringmaking Demonstration The knowledge of how to ply fibers into usable lengths is one of the most basic, essential and important of human life skills, and yet, most modern people have never seen it done. Cordage (string) & rope have long been utilized (and treasured) by humans from every part of the world as tools in fishing and hunting, for carrying burdens, constructing shelters, in textiles, for tying bundles of possessions together, and so on. This demonstration helps bring this essential technology to life.



Tamara Wilder

Tamara Wilder has been practicing & teaching ancient living skills at numerous locations in N CA since 1989 & is coauthor of the book Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning.