Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

Serious Science with Open Source Tools

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Saturday2:00 PM2:30 PMMake: Live Stage

The Maker movement has created a new set of tools that can be used to do serious science. I will discuss how Arduino microcontrollers and the R statistical language can be used to do science like the pros. Arduino boards can be interfaced with sensors and memory devices to measure and record environmental data. The data can help us to understand our environment and address questions about environmental change. The R statistical language can be used to visual data, summarize it, and test hypotheses. I will use examples from my own work in environmental science to show how these incredible tools put serious science within reach of Makers.


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Peter Gould — Research scientist

Olympia Circuits

Peter Gould works in environmental science in his day job and is a co-founder of Olympia Circuits where he creates devices for research and fun. He has a PhD in forest science for Penn State Univ.