Maker Faire Bay Area 2014


"Part of Game of Drones" I am a drone enthusiast who would like to participate as Los Angles Game of Drones Team.


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About the Maker

dean driscoll

I am learning all i can about the drone community for entertainment and Science applications.

Other exhibits in this group:

Drone with team " Get to ze choppa "

T-copter:rnrnKK 2.1 control boardrnmotor: Sunnysky 980kv rnRadio : dragonlinkrnvideo: 1.3Ghzrn

Team Scarab

I will be taking part in the Game of Drones event.

Rumble Drones

Drone on Drone Fighting Action

Game of Drones - Pilot/Combatant

A small 385mm quadcopter built out of strong G10 laminate, designed to be impossible to break.


"Part of Game of Drones" I am a drone enthusiast who would like to participate as Los Angles Game of Drones Team.

Skunk Hunter

Flying drones

Milo's Drone

He has got a little drone and is starting to do well with obstacles.

Team Vondrone

Advanced drone demonstration and eduction.

Faine Greenwood's Drone

Drone enthusiast and photographer. Working on a story and video about MakerFaire 2014.


We're competing in the Game of Drones events with a Blade Nano Qx UAV.

Drones, big and small.

Flying drones, crashing drones, droning drones... I'm going to be flying my drones for the Game of Drones exhibit.

Get to ze choppar

General drone info (size, weight, unique elements):
ROFL Copter- 3 feet, 2 pounds, home made, foldable
UFO- 2 feet, 2.5 pounds, lots of lights and a laser!
Speedy-2 feet, 2 pounds, agile and extremely stable

Peiqing Xia's Drone

Part of Game of Drones


I will be competing as Part of Game of Drones and bringing my Mini Fpv (first person view) Drone.

Its a small sized quad-copter equipped with a camera that sends a real time feed to my googles. Perfect to fix trough tight spots.

East Peak Drone Team

Advanced drone operations and demonstration - Pro Aerial Video and Photos

The global home of open source PARIS Siriusu2122 autopilots for multicopters - the smoothest flight control systems, chosen by pilots, photographers and film makers - and proven high performance SCARAB Quadcopters, Tricopters, Y6

Flying Sloths

Flying Sloths is a two-person team of drone flyers and builders who've found joy in building, destroying, and fixing drones. We fly as part of the Game of Drones community.

Rotorbits Team 2

We've built several small drones/multicopers to fly in the Game of Drones competitions.

Team Rotor Bits

The creators of the Rotor Bits multi-copter product line will showcase their products and skills in the ''Game of Drones''.


A self designed and built quadrotor, with built-in motion-stabilized camera gimbal. All major parts for the quad were built using a CNC machine that I also built.

Stormcenter Research

Stormcenter Research competition RC Aircraft team.

Junior Drones Team

We will be participating in the Game of Drones exhibit as a young Drone operator.

3D Printed Hexacopter

World War III with 6 rotors on a remote controled flying drone of doom!

Patrick Coyle's Drone

Part of Game of Drones

Game of Drones - Aerial Action Sports League

A drone flying competition featuring aerial combat, obstacle courses and other UAV games. Divisions for tiny palm-sized toys up to huge multirotor heavy-lifters, & include both combat and non-combat games.


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