World Maker Faire New York 2013

Orbital Rendersphere

The Orbital Rendersphere is a massive spherical display. Over 250 LED's spin at over 450 RPM to suspend planets, games, and visuals in midair.

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Zack Freedman

Zack is a professional hardware hacker and cofounder of the MakerBar. He develops wearable technology and electronics for clients at Voidstar Lab.

Jordan DeLiso

Jordan is a mechanical engineer, visual artist, environmentalist, musician, and all-around eccentric good guy.

Travis Jones

Travis is a connoisseur of dangerous machinery, 3D printers, security penetration, and fine whiskies.

Matt Clemente

Matt is a mechanical engineer at Picatinny Arsenal's Additive Manufacturing Division. He can't fully disclose what he works on, but he ensures you it's badass.